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  1. cufflinked sausages, my remorse; cufflinked sausages could choke a horse.
  2. the dairy air at that dairy there smells like no udder, brother.
  3. make no bones about it, dr. lumps is truly a progenitor of the new chiropractics; he really knocks you around.
  4. And there's no one around.
  5. a Richard guy

    Episode 60 — Dale! Dale! Dale!

    There is "ghost country"! Sort of... There's an awesome alt-country band, The Handsome Family, out of New Mexico. They sing songs about, amongst other things, ghosts & alien abductions! Here's a song about seeing a ghost at the airport: Great episode by the way! This is always true, though.
  6. a Richard guy

    Episode 46 — Margaret and Al

    I got home from seeing St. Vincent & got to hear Eddie Pepitone shit on her music! I love it.
  7. a Richard guy

    Episode 118 — Hologram Toes

    So glad to see Ska Talkerman's post. He's exactly right. It makes no sense for people to be criticizing the show because Patton isn't the central guest. that's the idea. it's like saying a gross-out comedy is gross, or a romantic comedy is romantic. For my money, let me set up the scene earlier today: On my lunch break, eating lunch in my car (it gets happier...). I'm listening to this episode, & as soon as Eddie says "Touchie toes." I have a, I kid you not, 2 minute laugh-until-I-cry experience. It was cathartic & beautiful. I haven't laughed that hard in years. Eddie is fantastic.