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  1. sissylion

    Episode 54 — Niggardly

    Shakespeare used it, too; "Be not a niggard of your speech." (Macbeth, Act IV, scene iii, l. 180) But the thing is, words change. There are hundreds of words that Shakespeare used that now mean different things, just like how reading Chaucer can be difficult if you don't know the original context of the language he wrote with. The fact that language evolves is the beauty of it, and in that change comes new terms entirely, "nigger" being one of them. That word's introduction retroactively taints similar words before it. Is it unfortunate? Yeah, sure, but to ignore modern context of language and risk offending people just because you want to say a specific word is a pretty gross thing to do.
  2. sissylion

    Episode 54 — Niggardly

    There are literally dozens of other words that mean the same thing. There is precisely one reason to use "niggardly" as opposed to its bevy of synonyms, and that reason is racism, yo.
  3. sissylion

    Episode 106.5 — 12/14/12 TWO CHARTED 45

    As as person who is both completely oblivious and has no game, I still picked up some definite vibes between Howard and Kate Micucci on her Whooch episode. Dude was on his mack.
  4. sissylion

    Episode 39 — Cloud Atlas

    Noah Garfinkel is one of my favorite humans to currently exist so I am very stoked about this development
  5. sissylion

    Episode 97.5 — 10/12/12 TWO CHARTED 36

    Melvin Goes to Dinner is a great movie and everyone should check it out. Super interesting.
  6. sissylion

    Episode 1 — Jimmies

    Andrew also runs Yo, Should I Dump This Asshole? which is equally as depressing as his other Tumblr.
  7. sissylion

    Episode 174 — Series Regulars

    The very fact that Lizzy Caplan and John Mulaney have existed in the same room together makes me alarmingly giddy. Great show.
  8. sissylion

    Episode 133 — Respectful Sex!

    Eliza Skinner is mad talented and needs to make appearances on more Earwolf shows.
  9. sissylion

    Episode 171 — Scrog Secretions

    I feel like I'm one of the few people active when Earwolf uploads new shows and it usually makes me first comment. I would feel weird about this and hesitate, but I wanted to be the first to express my love of Megan Mullally and my desire for her to be on more things across all mediums.
  10. sissylion

    Episode — Love, Dad

    I could listen to David Koechner talk forever. This is the best idea.
  11. You guys are just trying to make me give you all your money, aren't you? It's totally working.
  12. sissylion

    Episode 62 — Fame

    Sean Conroy also talks about getting one in one of the early episodes of I4H. Come on, Earwolf, get that Bieber sponsorship money.
  13. sissylion

    Episode 86.5 — 7/27/2012 TWO CHARTED 25

    You probably are. "My friend is in a great relationship and I just want someone to love me" is the mating call of crazy people.
  14. sissylion

    Episode 86.5 — 7/27/2012 TWO CHARTED 25

    Kulap used both LCD Soundsystem and Ryan Adams as her chart intro themes and now we need to hang out. Also she sounds eerily like a Tara Strong character during the Squarespace commercial.
  15. sissylion

    Episode 130 — Robo Cop Diet!

    If you're hankering for more Dan Harmon podcastness, he has his own now. I don't know much about Harmontown as I have yet to listen to it, but Earwolf alum Dustin Marshall works on it, so it has my full support.
  16. sissylion

    Episode 86 — Dipped in Eros

    Also, Kulap's pronunciation of "Flo Rida" is making me feel like a jackass for not getting the entendre. I always got the bad Florida pun, but he also rides flows because he is a rapper. I am an idiot. Thanks, Who Charted!
  17. sissylion

    Episode 86 — Dipped in Eros

    Howard's looking pretty fly with those glasses and that shirt. I'm not gay, but I'm pretty gay, so word up to his aesthetics.
  18. sissylion

    Episode 41 — Spider-Man 3

    While the first two movies are better in practically every way, I don't think I've enjoyed any part of a superhero movie as much as I did the club scene from Spider-Man 3. Peter Parker whips his coat back so hard it creates a gust of wind that blows Gwen Stacy's hair out of place, and then he says, "Now dig on this." It's the greatest thing I've ever seen.
  19. sissylion

    Episode 167 — New No-Nos

    Also, Paul Rust continues to be one of my favorites and I want him to be on everything always.
  20. sissylion

    Episode 167 — New No-Nos

    I hadn't heard of Jerrod until this podcast, but I'm only twenty minutes in and I'm already developing smile wrinkles. This man is delightful.
  21. sissylion

    Episode 77 — Plant-Based Dick

    Pete Holmes' voice during the Nora Jones Yo Mamma segment sounds like Jason Sudeikis having a stroke.
  22. sissylion

    Gelmania II

    I really enjoyed the live segment, Brett. Do more. Cook up more truth and inject it into my filthy veins.
  23. sissylion

    Episode 52 — One Year Anniversary!

    Sarah and Kulap like Rilo Kiley. I extend to them an invitation to hang out.