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    Episode 146 β€” Keep It Clean

    Howard was on his A-game this episode, by which I mean completely off his game.
  2. sissylion

    Episode 145 β€” It’s Pronounced Jerry

    "Vin Diesel seems like he's made out of Legos." "I'll take that."
  3. sissylion

    Episode 145 β€” It’s Pronounced Jerry

    Having not yet listened to this episode, I am hoping there is an uncomfortable undertone of sexual tension throughout this episode stemming from that one Who (Two?) Charted where Howard stopped the show to mention how he saw Jenny out in the lobby and thought she was cute. EDIT: HOLY SHIT JENNY'S INTRO MUSIC IS THE FRONT BOTTOMS THIS IS ALREADY A GREAT EPISODE
  4. sissylion

    Episode 143 β€” Normies

    Hahaha, you just non-sarcastically used the term "race card." That's rich, man. I mean, in a horrifically depressing, racist kind of way.
  5. Can you explain to me what you're referencing? Because, racist or not, I can't continue to live my life without witnessing the crab-future.
  6. sissylion

    Episode 177 β€” Black Students Acting Out

    Kevin is killing it.
  7. sissylion

    Episode 177 β€” Black Students Acting Out

    Can it be made that every person is required to check a box that says "I understand that it is impossible to be racist toward white people" before posting anything on this forum? I feel like that would probably help discussion move along some. How much coding would that take?
  8. Yeah man. I've stopped trying to have more straightforward conversations about movies with my friends. We aren't storied film critics so we aren't experts, but in also trying to have real discussions about a creative medium we've tried to distance ourselves from the condescending and silly humor we so often fall into. I mean, the only two possible ways to approach something are by throwing hundreds of jokes at it or trying to analytically dissect it with total, abject precision, so if we aren't doing either of those things, what's the point of ever saying anything ever?
  9. Me and my fellow white people have dedicated ourselves to helping to gentrify urban areas that get a little too "ethnic." It's a rough and thankless task, but I know that one day our sacrifices will pay off when I can live in a "Girls" universe, one where I can safely walk down the streets of Brooklyn without having to worry about encountering a POC. They're just so foreign to me, I wouldn't know how to handle interacting with one!
  10. Black people are way more homophobic than other races, which is why same-sex marriage is legal in Maryland and banned in North Dakota. Wait, shit.
  11. sissylion

    Episode 136 β€” Black Metal

    Well, I guess you're right. Racism is only in everything that involves humans. So I guess racism in the bicycle world doesn't exist. You got me.
  12. sissylion

    Episode 136 β€” Black Metal

    Racism is in everything because the entire world is founded on exploitation, race being one of said things exploited. Western imperialism and capitalism only serve to further discrimination and subjugation.
  13. sissylion

    Episode 136 β€” Black Metal

    I'm not going to properly insert myself into this discourse, because it's not something I feel qualified to talk about, but: Come the fuck on. If you're going to argue against racism, don't do it by submitting to homophobia and patriarchy.
  14. sissylion

    Episode 127 β€” White Trash

    I definitely think that the terms is way more classist, but I also agree with mellib's statement that it implies that other races are generally poor. It's a pretty gross term regardless, the same way that "redneck" is.
  15. sissylion

    Episode 117 β€” Is Everyone Racist?

    I hate literally everything about this.
  16. sissylion

    Episode 117 β€” Is Everyone Racist?

    "But I didn't know anyone went to any length to defend the tweet" is a thing I just said. I wasn't aware that some people tried to defend the tweet, and I have admitted my lack of knowledge pertaining to that particular instance. I feel as if I've made a strong effort to qualify everything I've said here with some statement that says that I don't know the intricacies of how The Onion operates. I'm not being obstinate in this idea that I'm completely right or entirely omniscient. Cool it, dude.
  17. sissylion

    Episode 117 β€” Is Everyone Racist?

    I don't see how knowing the way that The Onion runs their feed and knowing why someone thought that using a gendered slur was funny are related. If the tweet was made the way I think it was, then all it took was two people - the person who composed it and the person who approved it - to think it was funny or acceptable. When those two people were accosted, I can't imagine that the conversation went, "Hey, why did you think that was funny?" and more "What the fuck is wrong with you you're fired/on thin ice." Because when you get down to it, the only explanation that's really need is that those two people are racist/sexist. Trying to pinpoint why they thought the way that they did is going into the discussion of why bigotry exists in the first place, and when you get to that scale, bringing up one specific tweet is kind of pointless. But I didn't know that anyone went to any lengths to defend the tweet. I thought that it was a pretty much universally shunned move. Fuck that. I do think that there's a lot of merit to be had in the discussion of whether or not "offensive comedy" is okay (spoiler: no), and if there was any sort of positive response, then yeah, it's definitely a good discussion point.
  18. sissylion

    Episode 117 β€” Is Everyone Racist?

    Usually interns or people with some sort of "amateur" position within companies run Twitter feeds, and I don't feel as if that's any different for The Onion. I admit that I don't know how they run their feed, but I am almost entirely sure that that tweet was written by either an intern or a writer who hasn't been with the publication long and maybe was approved by some sort of editor. If that's the case (which, again, I don't factually know, but am extremely confident in my guesswork), then yeah, it's only up to a few people. And concerning your second point, I never said anything of the like. It's just that there's no conversation to be had. There's no discussion about when to call a little girl a gendered slur, or when calling a little girl a gendered slur is right, or anything like that. There's no complexity to the issue. It was shitty, and that can be addressed in the matter of fifteen seconds.
  19. sissylion

    Episode 117 β€” Is Everyone Racist?

    Unless Jack wrote that tweet, I don't really see how it's relevant. The Onion has apologized and it's pretty clear that it was the work of only two or three. The whole conversation would just be, "Hey, that thing you guys said about Quvenzhane was super fucked up." "Yeah, it was. Sorry."
  20. sissylion

    Episode 84 β€” GTA IV

  21. sissylion

    Episode 113.5 β€” 2/1/13 TWO CHARTED 52

    You're right! It is!
  22. Har Mar has been repping Minnesota hard these past few weeks. I am into it.
  23. Foam Corner is the smartest human to have ever lived.