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  1. Is it me or was 90% of the plot of Loki stolen from CBB Christmas episodes?
  2. DC signs M. Night Shyamalan to direct Ray Palmer movie. Nuclear Security Administration on high alert.
  3. I don't want to alarm anyone, but I've become the night.
  4. Swim fish, swim. For tomorrow... let's face it, more of the same..
  5. Irrelevance at its finest!
  6. Pound Foolish

    Look how strong I am!!!

    Look how strong I am!!!
  7. When I heard of the Dink Dink Man I had blue eyes and ten ticklable toes... How about you?
  8. Remember when we thought Michael Jackson was crazy for wearing a mask everywhere, and that's the part that made the papers.
  9. Either improve training hasn't prepared me for parenthood or Obama Bus Driver can't feed a baby.
  10. Parts of the verb To CBBe!
  11. Bee batter makes it better! So, honey those oats MF!
  12. Until they invent a machine that finds my motionless body on the kitchen floor... I guess its marriage for me!
  13. Do you think Bruce Wayne ever wanders through Gotham Zoo, looks at the different animals, and wonders "What if?"
  14. On today's episode we probably discuss bodily fluids, where they're coming out of, and whether or not they should be.
  15. Sky's the limit.. if you didn't get your helmet on in time.