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    Episode 161.5 - Minisode 161.5

    Some fun trivia about why there's a duck in the movie "The Pacifier": Originally the movie was written as a vehicle for Jackie Chan. The joke was going to be that Jackie gets a duck for the family, and then is planning to cook the duck and serve it for dinner (because, you know...Asians). But then the kids fall in love with the duck and they end up keeping it as a pet. For some reason, when Jackie dropped out of the project and was replaced by Vin Diesel, the duck ended up being kept in the script even though it didn't really make any sense anymore. Source: Thomas Lennon, who wrote the original script for the movie with Ben Garant. I remember him telling this anecdote on an episode of "Who Charted?" once.
  2. When Lauren says something to Mary like "You think you're so deep" and Mary says "Yeah, I am deep!" and Lauren goes "Ew". Everybody laughs and Mary, still in mom mode, says "You tricked me into that...you little shit" haha, just the way she got upset enough to curse but was still acting like a mom there cracked me up.
  3. BillBrasky2620

    Episode 294 - A Week for Solutions

    The Tegan and Sara song was the only song on the chart I thought should have been on there. I sent this to Howard on Twitter but maybe he didn't see it. If you're looking for "summer" songs, you can't get more summer than this:
  4. BillBrasky2620

    EPISODE 376 β€” Romantic Tommy D

    I'd love to see a double feature of "Never the Twains Shall Meet" and "Stomp in the Name of Love".
  5. BillBrasky2620

    Episode 288 - Ramhanded

    Song of the summah should be "California" by Grimes, you played it on the show a few weeks ago. The Die Antwoord song sounds cool too, I'll definitely check that out.
  6. I actually was lucky enough to get to attend this show in person, and let me tell you, as funny as it is listening to Drew Tarver sing the songs, seeing him doing it live was even better. I really hope this is one character that makes the transition to the CBB TV show.
  7. BillBrasky2620

    Episode 425 - Sunday Afternoon Taped

    Well, mainly because this is the only time Adomian's been on this year, but I also thought it was a good episode. Gilbert was a little rambly and stream of consciousness at times but the parts with Trump and Bernie were funny.
  8. BillBrasky2620

    Episode 425 - Sunday Afternoon Taped

    In the running for best of 2016. Other contenders include: .Ep 394- Zach Galifianakis and Todd dying .Ep 396- Intern challenge with Gino vs. Marissa Wompler .Ep 399- Trump vs. Bernie .Ep 406- Kid Detectives II .Ep 423- Time Bobby 4 Claudia's episodes are always great though. .
  9. Haha, this was the first episode of this podcast that I wish was really an actual ongoing weekly podcast. It kind of reminded me of the sketch "The Denise Show" that Adam Sandler used to do on SNL- the guy who would host a talk show about his girlfriend that broke up with him that he was still obsessed with. It was also funny how Zouks's character got semi-creepy with Tracy at the end.
  10. I haven't listened to that live episode, but from what I understand it was a parody of the movie "Room", whereas this episode is essentially referencing a real thing that happened (Elizabeth Smart). If anything, this seems like an even darker idea, to try to make fun of something so horrible. While it was a little bit uncomfortable to listen to, the ridiculous elements that they added (having the couple that kidnapped her be stage improvisers who force her to type up their film screenplays) helped make it a little bit funnier. Still, kudos to Downs and Lapkus for going into such a potentially dangerous area.
  11. BillBrasky2620

    Episode 416 - Silicone Bralley Poo Crew

    Apparently there is a really fine line between Middleditch the kid detective character and Middleditch the person, going by his frequent use of "ding-dong" and "doy-o" in this episode.
  12. BillBrasky2620

    Episode 280 - Movie Theater Pickle Sandwich

    When Ty Dolla $ign says "She ride it like a '63" in "Work From Home", I don't think "63" is a sexual euphemism, I think he's talking about a car. Probably a '63 Corvette. I say this because in the next verse after that he says "Imma buy her a new Saleen", which is also a type of sports car, and then he says "Let her ride in a foreign with me". So even though the song's mostly about sex, I just think he's talking about cars during this part. I felt this was really important to get cleared up.
  13. Yeah, I am back-listening to old episodes of this show and I was delighted to discover that the meth-head character from Lauren's episode of "The Characters" originates from this episode. The combination of her and Adomian in this episode is incredible.
  14. The moment near the end of the episode where Claudia temporarily forgot her character's name (shades of that Candice Bergen/Gilda Radner sketch on SNL) was really endearing. I'm glad they kept that in and didn't edit it out. I have to agree that this may be one of the best episodes of any podcast ever. It really captures the funny awkwardness that Claudia specializes in so well.
  15. Why can't a video podcast of this exist so I can enjoy the cuteness!!!!!
  16. These ladies all do pretty good character work and I would like to hear them on Comedy Bang!Bang! now.
  17. Not sure if she has already been suggested, but I would love to hear Rachel Bloom on Who Charted. She did How Did This Get Made? so she is Earwolf-friendly.
  18. BillBrasky2620

    Episode 408 - LIVE at SXSW 2016

    Slightly disappointed he didn't use the phrase "he's got moxie" though.
  19. BillBrasky2620

    Episode 175 β€” TUTSTEP

    I think the "most downloaded woman" who had her own show that Matt was talking about was Cindy Margolis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cindy_Margolis
  20. BillBrasky2620

    Episode 81 β€” SLEDGE HAMMER!

    Sledge Hammer is so great. Sledge: (in Swedish) "Ladies, grab your clothes and get in the john" Criminal (surprised): You spoke perfect Swedish! Sledge: Those are the only words I know. Thanks for letting me know Bullet in the Face is on DVD too, definitely going to pick that up. Another excellent episode.
  21. As you can tell from my screenname, this episode was right in my wheelhouse. I loved the Bill Brasky sketches when they aired (I am closer to Jake's age, I was in my twenties when they started appearing on SNL) and then when I found out that Adam McKay wrote them it all started to make sense. The show has never more embraced the UCB sensibility than when McKay was doing stuff like this and the digital shorts like the Stavenhagen Pawn Shop one. That Dr. Beaman sketch is a classic, maybe the funniest sketch that's ever been on SNL (tied with the census taker one with Christopher Walken that was written by Tina Fey that was also mentioned in this episode). One of the great things about this sketch is when Rachel Dratch's character is leaving at the beginning and she says "Oh, by the way, can I have next Tuesday off for a modeling job?" Just watching the sketch by itself, you can laugh at this because of Dratch's odd appearance (as she turns away, you can see she is missing a big chunk of hair on top of her head). But this joke becomes even funnier in the context of the whole episode when you know that right before this sketch there was a sketch featuring Dratch and Cheri Oteri as two "ugly model" characters. I'm not sure whose idea it was to have this character cross over from one sketch to the next, but it was a genius move, very Pythonesque. SNL rarely does stuff like that but when they do it's always great (they did it recently with a Tim Robinson sketch about a "Z shirt" where they actually went to the trouble of building a whole funeral set just so they could continue the joke at the end of the show of Kevin Hart's character coming in and saying "IS IT A ___ SHIRT?") Some of the jokes in this sketch were even reused (or attempted to be reused) in Anchorman, like when Parnell says "You vondruke!" and Ferrell says "Is that an actual curse word?" This exchange was repeated with Fred Willard with "man-nipple" substituted for "vondruke", but I think it ended up getting cut from the actual movie - but can be seen in the alternate cut "Wake Up, Ron Burgundy" movie.
  22. BillBrasky2620

    Submit clips here!

    Commercial ostensibly showing how much better the Atari XEGS was than the Nintendo NES. As the top comment says, "Why playο»Ώ 80 awesome games when you can play thousands of shitty ones?"
  23. BillBrasky2620

    Submit clips here!

    Ween on the Jane Pratt Show performing "Freedom of '76", from 1993
  24. BillBrasky2620

    Submit clips here!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFIYwl1KYJs Funny trailer for Time Bandits done in the style of a Monty Python "voiceover announcer" sketch, complete with Michael Palin as the harried sound engineer
  25. BillBrasky2620

    Episode 65.5 β€” Minisode 65.5

    Thanks for tolerating my OCD, Paul (and for editing my post down to a sane length)