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  1. I got a great idea about a big redheaded mannequin with a record player of old humor that just needs to let go. And let newer, brighter talent come in and just take care of him in his old age. Like a Comedy Hospice! Otherwise we're watching a man just slide into this comfortable habit of talking to the same celebrities (that may be beholden by blood magic contracts?) over and over until the dialogue hits this stale, record player type format. All the oldies, all the time- forever! What a format for comedy that we can all get behind and just celebrate together like an old work horse dragging an empty cart to keep up it's pride at the behest of a loyal farmer that loves it.  Enjoy the Sona character!

  2. I think Adam Scott is an adorable man and I look forward to hearing him just being adorable with his auburn hair and big doe eyes. Just waiting for that silence to put in his quips and antidotes. Harris .. you're cool too. But Adam is going to be SPIGOT! 

  3. So anyways I am the Anti-Christ and as you may not know a big fan, I've been following you for years and on my Twitter as AlexDboggs. This is an exciting time for Comedy because I decided to just shirk all my duties as Dereliction and dive straight into Comedy. I've been working exclusively to bring back Stella "Re-Mastered" (starring Ken Marino) and also working on "The Fuppets in space: Brothers in Christ" which I would like to have produced in the next year (an exciting 5 hour puppet musical scored by Seth of Family Guy fame).  So far I've just managed to get drunk and yell at the Irish which has been an experience into Comedy all in it's own! I would like you all to know you've not lost your edge, still very funny and a pleasure to tune into your show. That being said: How is Kulap doing? Is she Happy? Anyways! Looking forward to being a part of the CBB community here on the forums and would like a direct line to Paul F. Tompkins to suggest a slew of disgraced Wawa Spokesman character suggestions that I feel match his current look and vibe. Keep in touch XOXOXO

  4. Please do an episode with Flula and I'd like you to make an ASMR recording of the sand dancing. Don't fret for I am very much interested in the audio of you too dancing on sand. I hope to one day dance on sand in the audience with Andy (perhaps arm in arm?).  Please and thank you pass my regards to Mr. Bill Burr!  Love your work, beautiful hair that matches your nose!

  5. I had to really sit back and ponder where I stand with this show recently. There's damning .. damning rumors of a man, we wont say his name here, that stuffs his /shoes/ with newspaper. There's gonna be a lot of pondering until that un-named man can present proof other-wise or a real witch hunt might be on for the greatest monster of all: a shoe size liar.