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  1. Is it just me or did Andy sound just a little like Jimmy Pardo?
  2. PodDamn

    Episode 91 — GHOSTS!

    @German, juvenile? Do you get up to get a soda in the begining of every podcast for the theme and show's statement?
  3. PodDamn

    TLP Weekly Video Clips Up On Youtube

    Close enough, Liz. Thanks tell Andy he rocks
  4. PodDamn

    TLP Weekly Video Clips Up On Youtube

    Liz, (can we call you Liz?). Can we get some video of Tommy and Karl, please? You looking for the pube button would be awesome.
  5. PodDamn

    What You're Listening To

    Yeah, I think the charm of TESD is that they're not a professional pod. If I can point out another thing about Smith it's that in his most recent film he goes out to make this great villain based on possibly the most infamous homophobe Fred Phelps. but stil I see your point.
  6. PodDamn

    What You're Listening To

    @Brendan, I don't personally know alot of podcast listeners period. but one in particular had listened to the first TESD and didn't get it but after I told him to go back and listen to an ep later in their evolution, he thanked me for puting him onto it. The mix of personality dynamic is gold and they speak with such sincerity about everything which isn't always the case in podcasting. I love the type of shows where you feel like your just listening to your friends have a conversation. Yeah it isn't a yuck a minute but the conversation is amost always enthralling. I find faults with Kevin Smith in that sometimes his humor can be a bit broad and dare I say "dick heavy". thats why you have to take him in moderation. However he's a fantastic anecdotalist and when he talks about something that he's really passionate about he conveys it very well. Also i've enjoyed his interviews on his morning show "plus one per diem". particularly the ones with Maron, Hardwick, and Shandling. I don't really think you can call him homophobic. He's shown nothing but support for the gay community. For one his brother is gay and so are his friends indie documentarian Malcolm Ingram and TV/film producer Dan Etheridge both whom he gave shows on his pod network. i just know that there was a point early on when he started smoking weed on Smodcast and I think the tone got a little more dumb.
  7. True, Mark. I guess I just think it would help to unburden himself of some of the responsibility if he had help. I'm sure any number of people would like to hitch themselves to a pod that already has so many good thing going for it.
  8. yeah, in retrospect that was quite dickish. especially considering your current standing in the competition (I wrote this right before hearing your elimination). but if you could expand your cast that would be a great service to the pod. good luck.
  9. it's time to be a dick time. I 'm not sure Hamil is this kind of master of many voices that would be required to carry a whole show. you have a few very distinct voices but then alot of ones where you rely on effects to create variation. its almost like "okay I can pitch down my voice for effect. lets see, he can be a black stereo type kinda character". have you considered widening the cast to take some of the burden of generating new characters/voice styles? other wise you would have to have the voice proficciency of say, a Paul F. Tompkins to pull something like this off.
  10. PodDamn

    What You're Listening To

    Brendan, Yes!!! Tell Em Steve Dave is so underrated and id the best pod on Kevin Smith's network. all of the pods I listen to amuse me but only that show and CBB ever make me laugh out loud at work and look like a crazy man (on a side note, anyone know why there have been a few small digs at Kevin Smith on CBB?)