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  1. if the vice unit of a police department owned a nissan versa, would that be the vice versa?
  2. i spent a whole year on a quest to find the perfect hamburger, but in the end it turned out the real perfect hamburger was the friends i made along the way
  3. a house divided against itself cannot stand. seriously, don’t build that house. you’ll get your construction license revoked
  4. back in the navy, we had a little saying. it goes: “don’t ever get out of the boat.”
  5. i don’t need liquor and i don’t need toys, all i need is a cold soda with the boys
  6. the tables have turned, the shoe is on the other foot, everything is all screwy over here!
  7. i’m just a jim looking for my pam, now put on this wig and pound my ham
  8. look, I’m not entirely sure what you think “jazz” is, but I’m afraid you’re no longer welcome to perform at this club, we’d like you to leave immediately, and we’ve gone ahead and contacted the police. pick up your underwear on the way out
  9. hasta luego, San Diego! Carlsbad, here I come
  10. TIMBER! Is what I would say to warn people in the area if we were cutting down trees. We’re just testing out these rocket launchers though, so go ahead and fire away boys
  11. I’m like an iceberg, there’s a lot more to me than first meets the eye. Also like an iceberg, I’m responsible for the sinking of dozens of seagoing vessels
  12. I don’t make the rules, I just think of them, write them down, and distribute them for enforcement
  13. well, now that you mention it, this one hundred dollar bill does look an awful lot like a rubber chicken. hey, wait a minute! somebody stop that clown car!
  14. red sky at night, sailor’s delight. red sky at morning, sailors take warning. red sky at noon, sailors sing out of tune. red sky in august, sailors eat sawdust
  15. if you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll want a glass of milk. if you give him a glass of milk, he’ll need to use your bathroom for about two hours, the mouse neglected to tell you he’s severely lactose intolerant