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  1. Hit me with your best shot! Ok, now hand me a towel
  2. Milk, Milk, Lemonade Around the Corner Love is Made #McButtLovin
  3. Circle, circle, dot, dot now I have my COVID shot. Square, Square, Angela Merkel get in line and jerk in a circle.
  4. I asked Granny “Where’s the Beef?” She lifted her leg and let out a queef!
  5. I’ve turned a new leaf since since I smelled your grandma’s queef.
  6. Do you know the muffin man? That mother fucker gave me a yeast infection! Fuck that guy!
  7. Vulcan Salute = 2 in the pink, 2 in the stink & 1 flipping the old devil’s doorbell BING BONG!
  8. Ding Dong the witch is dead. Now watch me stir the witch with my Ding Dong.
  9. Does this clown pussy taste funny to you?
  10. You’re right! I can’t believe it’s not butter… But don’t let me catch you spreading it on some Toast!
  11. Hey boy, what’s that noise? Looks like Granny’s jamming her clam with an extra full poise!
  12. Don’t touch granny’s num num unless you want a spanking on your bum bum.
  13. Tone Loc is so woke he buys Latinx coke from a bisexual bloke. This is no joke.
  14. Finger me deep, put my ass to sleep. Reach around the corner, then slap my boner.
  15. Finger me real good. Finger me in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.
  16. Help! I got funny fucked in a Ronald McDonald House!
  17. Two in the clink equals ten in the stink.
  18. If he hollers let him go. Give him 20 then smack that hoe.
  19. Wow, your hair got real wavy! Tis the power of my man gravy!
  20. Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray that Cosby won’t push too deep.
  21. I dream of Jeannie… Sucking my weenie.
  22. Whinny! Whinny! Neigh! Neigh! If you need to fuck a horse, that’s what you have to say, say.
  23. Ooh my my, Uncle wants a cream pie.
  24. I’m Jar Jar Binks and meesa like two in the stinks.
  25. Daylight cum and me wanna take a nap.