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  1. Afroduck Sounds

    U Can't Plug This - Closing Theme

    Baaaahahahah!! Well done.
  2. Afroduck Sounds

    Buttholes (& Plugs)

    Baaaaahaha! (and plugs...) hilarious! The whisper did it for me.
  3. Afroduck Sounds

    Why Can't We Be Plugz?

    Well done!
  4. Afroduck Sounds

    You Got Plugs

    Download links: https://app.box.com/s/pas3ufzm2gzb79hvkow5bpz2isuhghx4 https://app.box.com/s/dzgrf21zjhls0fq0bcikuyslo505qxmz
  5. Afroduck Sounds

    If You Want Me To Plug

    @Bafflegabs Appreciate the spot! Much love!
  6. The plugs have been waiting outside...c'mon man. LET THEM IN!
  7. Afroduck Sounds

    Clo-pen Up The Plug Bag!

    Short and sweet. Dig the reverb and delays. Well timed.
  8. Afroduck Sounds

    CBB Metal Theme

    Well done!
  9. Afroduck Sounds

    PLUGUNGULUS (plugs theme)

    YES! My favorite of the most recent submissions I've heard.
  10. Afroduck Sounds

    Closing The Plug Bag Theme 2021 - Dark Piano Mix

    The turn at 0:39 with the beat drop is a nice touch. And that bass line is slick too. I appreciate someone taking the time to make the claps in rhythm, lulllz. Legit though, this is a dope remix and I really dig the track itself.
  11. Afroduck Sounds

    If You Want Me To Plug

    Just in case SoundCloud download isn't available, here's a link too. Such a big fan of the show! https://app.box.com/s/7tbt82zu7u5f1gp6yjtb6p8pcijqnld0