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  1. I interviewed Kim Fowley a few years ago. I sought him out, went to his West Hollywood apartment where he was dying of cancer, and showed up with a microphone. It was a very entertaining chat. Kim often liked to play up the role of the villain. The lecherous big bad wolf record producer. When I went to interview him, he did not disappoint. However, I was struck immediately by his sadness. I saw a man who knew he was dying and was absolutely not at peace.




    Nor should he have been.




    What you will read here, is not rock and roll lore like "The Mudshark Incident." It is the story of Jackie Fuchs, a teenage girl who Kim Fowley raped. She is very brave for coming forward.







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  2. When you find out what it is I am sure you will say, "WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THE PODCAST, I AM SO GLAD YOU WERE WORKING ON THAT INSTEAD!!!!!"


    By now I am sure you all know about the eight episodes of "Wet Hot American Summer" coming to Netflix. This is what I was writing on before I started on "Difficult People." Does this news in any way make up for the lack of podcast episodes?!

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  3. Hello,


    The podcast will come back, but it's going to be a little while before it does.


    In early 2014 I started working for Funny Or Die as a writer/director. That was an all-consuming job and didn't leave a lot of time for anything else.


    I left Funny Or Die in October to go write on a television show that hasn't been announced yet, but an announcement is coming soon. When you find out what it is I am sure you will say, "WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THE PODCAST, I AM SO GLAD YOU WERE WORKING ON THAT INSTEAD!!!!!" **


    Yes, I'm currently writing on "Difficult People" with Julie Klausner which is coming to Hulu next year. I am really excited about it! I also directed a music video for King Tuff which you should be seeing in a couple weeks.


    After I finish "Difficult People" there's two more things lined up. I wish I could tell you more about these projects, but trust me -- it's real good stuff!


    It's all very exciting and I am thrilled to be doing VERY WELL IN SHOW BUSINESS!!! But yes, I miss doing the podcast. I miss having conversations with people.


    I wish I could give a timeline on when the show will return. I would say not before Spring of 2015. In the meantime, THE BEST SHOW is back.


    I apologize for the disappearing act and delay in the return of the show. Thanks for hanging in there.




    ** It's now been revealed: WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER for Netflix.

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  4. The podcast will come back. Everything is fine. GREAT actually. I am just super busy with some stuff that I can't talk about yet.


    Earwolf is being very cool and I apologize for this little hiatus.


    In the meantime, I'm making stuff at Funny Or Die. I directed Traci Lords and Dave Foley in a Ramones tribute sketch this week, so that should let you know that I am doing MORE than okay.


    Give me a few more weeks. Thanks for your patience.

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  5. I am so sad I can't listen to this one. As the son of a mother and father killed by cancer from tobacco products, I can't allow myself to support, even for one episode, something sponsored by tobacco. I love you Jake I see it's a one off deal in your comments above, but even one off is too much for me. Looking forward to listening again next week.

    Totally understand. We didn't take their money and I was a real dick reading the ad copy.

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  6. I've only recently seen Shock Treatment for the first time - I enjoyed it quite a bit. I'm curious about whether Barry Bostwick, Susan Sarandon or Tim Curry were ever supposed to be involved with the film?


    Also, can I request a Fogelnest Files episode on the doomed "Ayatollah" Jean Doumanian season of SNL? It's an endlessly fascinating topic to me.

    All were offered "Shock Treatment" and all ended up passing.


    The Jean Doumanian SNL season is truly as bad as its reputation. Absolutely worthy of a show. Would love to have on someone who was there to discuss!

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