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    Episode 2 — Analyze Phish Episode 2

    Sorry Dan Mangan (your music is beautiful!)...but to judge a band or entire aesthetic based on lyrics is absurd. "There are leaves on the trees, there are trees in the forest"....really? Examining lyrics with a microscope is (to borrow a metaphore) to examine a leaf without seeing a tree, let alone an entire forest! Shit, maybe I just made a point for the profundity of Dan's lyrics. Whether or not Dan's lyrics are profound or absurd, Phish inspires emotion and their lyrics should not be intellectualized so meticulously. I remember 11 years ago, at age 16, tearing up to the vocal effect at 7:10 on Guyute because of the emotional thrill ride on which the previous 5 minutes had taken me. Beyond the emotional side of things I'm somewhat surprised that Scott has no appreciation for venturing outside the norm...something which CBB does very well! He prefers bands that adhere to an ABABCAB (not to be confused with ABACABB - the blood code for Mortal Combat), under 4 min song style, and he has never voiced appreciation for a more adventurous long form style (even though the "Would You Rather" theme may be categorized as such in certain circumstances). Keep up the good work Harris! And Scott keep an open mind just let yourself be the Hot Dog. What's up?
  2. I'd like to 2nd The Bammer...Maria Bamford would be great!