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  1. concrete-tales

    Episode 141 — Personality Kingpin!

    The Earwolf drop didn't play at the end of this episode and I became worried that the show was no longer on the network.
  2. concrete-tales

    Episode 140 — Unlimited Sharting!

    I remember my high school vice principal saying to me "more than twice and you're playing with it." I took that to heart for some reason and now get a lot more pee on my underwear than necessary.
  3. concrete-tales

    Episode 125 — Pilot Season!

    I'm assuming Elizabeth will soon be single after Psychic Andy suggested, with complete seriousness, that he'd pimp her out for $20,000. He either was serious, or he's the world's greatest straight man. To be fair, he was responding to a direct question.
  4. concrete-tales

    Episode 119 — Cool Snap, Bro!

    Except some ladies like anal sex. It's not very caring not to engage in something that might give your partner pleasure.
  5. concrete-tales

    Episode 120 — Jugger Smuggler!

    Shitty. I really liked Flash Forward and was bummed it didn't get the love it deserved. It wasn't without its problems, but no more than Lost in its earliest days. I thought it was just coming into its own and could have done some really mind blowing shit.
  6. concrete-tales

    Episode 118 — Dear Diary!

    I don't remember 108 in Lost, but I'm pretty sure 108 is an important number to Krishnas. There is a Krishna hardcore band called 108 that I used to listen to.
  7. concrete-tales

    Episode 109 — Tea Time!

    "WE SHOULD GROW OUR OWN TEA! ... Well, I guess it's not the right climate for tea." That was the best.
  8. Or: Now you're cookin' with gas cats
  9. concrete-tales

    Episode 88 — Vanity Plates! Incest!

    I too am on the Improdcast bandwagon. PA was right that it's a little on the nose, but what's wrong with that? The show will likely sink or swim - at first - on Matt Besser's name, so I'm all for being on the nose. Matt has been the most obstructionist guest for 'Laime or Totally Rapidfire,' which was completely appropriate.
  10. Jesse Thorn Jordan Morris Al Madrigal Matt Mira Elizabeth Laime June Diane Raphael