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  1. I'm assuming Elizabeth will soon be single after Psychic Andy suggested, with complete seriousness, that he'd pimp her out for $20,000. He either was serious, or he's the world's greatest straight man. To be fair, he was responding to a direct question.

  2. It did not, robin. Super bummer :(


    Shitty. I really liked Flash Forward and was bummed it didn't get the love it deserved. It wasn't without its problems, but no more than Lost in its earliest days. I thought it was just coming into its own and could have done some really mind blowing shit.


    I didn't watch Lost, but now that I know that 108 plays into it, I'm totally going to!


    I don't remember 108 in Lost, but I'm pretty sure 108 is an important number to Krishnas. There is a Krishna hardcore band called 108 that I used to listen to.

  4. I too am on the Improdcast bandwagon. PA was right that it's a little on the nose, but what's wrong with that? The show will likely sink or swim - at first - on Matt Besser's name, so I'm all for being on the nose.

    Matt has been the most obstructionist guest for 'Laime or Totally Rapidfire,' which was completely appropriate.