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    Episode 7 — Follow the Whispers

    Having watched a lot of sitcoms over the years, I'd love for a perception botch while eavesdropping to be that it leads to a huge misunderstanding of the situation. The listener gets the exact opposite impression of the speakers intention, Don Knotts style.
  2. sgnp

    Episode 97 — Can I Catch a Ride?

    Jon Hamm mentions that hasn't done much stage work since college. I was lucky enough to see him in The Madwoman of Chaillot and Joe Turner's Come and Gone at the University of Missouri at Columbia. He was good even then. I also took a script analysis class with him. Nice guy.
  3. I really liked this episode.
  4. Reggie Watts and Paul Giamatti both performed at Annex Theatre in Seattle, WA in the past. It's nice to hear them finally together.