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  1. indi9o82

    Episode 79 — Elections

    I wish I could use the excuse of being in the middle of creating a song and couldn't pull away whenever I'm late for my job. Oh and Aaron, ROCK the FUCK on for following through with your HALO analogy when you were clearly backed into a corner there.
  2. I've been to that mall many times. Never seen that crazy man. But love that mall.
  3. Steven ignore that coward. Glad you had a good time.
  4. indi9o82

    Episode 78 — Recovery

    "I'd rather fist my asshole than be in Connecticut right now. Back to you, Diane."
  5. indi9o82

    Anyone going to the live show in Brooklyn

    have fun.
  6. indi9o82

    New Front Page Layout

    I've already expressed time and time again that I agree. But, nobody cares to give a shit. So what's the use? I've gotten to the point where I don't even listen to PB using Earwolf anymore. I just use the podcast feature on my smartphone.
  7. indi9o82

    Episode 75 — Global Warming

    it says 2004 actually..
  8. You took the words right out of my mouth.
  9. indi9o82

    Episode 76 — American History

    also "huge" is pronounced "ewuge" in Trump's case.
  10. indi9o82

    Episode 76 — American History

    David's gentleman laugh trails behind as a very close second! Nothing makes me happier than to hear them laughing.
  11. indi9o82

    Episode 76 — American History

    so much laughter. so much joy.
  12. indi9o82

    Episode 75 — Global Warming

    @Pongo I honestly loved the way Kyle's Al Gay-ore character said the word "isosceles". It made me laugh pretty hard.
  13. indi9o82

    Episode 75 — Global Warming

    They never posted the dog clip on the site. I'm guessing this is it...
  14. You're not alone, Sean. Believe me.