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  1. Hey, I had my first plugs submission played on Episode 128 'Coach? Coach? Coach?' with Jon Heder, Harris Wittels and Seth Morris. Thanks so much for that, by the way. It can be found at http://soundcloud.com/elliot-dyson/end-of-the-show I just uploaded a second track that hasn't been played yet which can be found here http://soundcloud.com/elliot-dyson/peanut-brittle-plugs Thanks.
  2. Paul F Tompkins' peanut brittle bit with 'music'. http://soundcloud.com/elliot-dyson/peanut-brittle-plugs
  3. Pretty sure I didn't rip anything off at all (I consider this my 'Tangelo', but much worse). http://soundcloud.com/elliot-dyson/end-of-the-show
  4. Elliotttt

    Episode 125 — Wine in the Whirlpool

    I can't believe you got Dan Mangan. I'm so excited to listen to this. Bang Bang has been killing it recently.