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    Episode 2 — Analyze Phish Episode 2

    It's amazing how bad Harris is at lobbying for his favorite band! I gotta admit, that was simultaneously hilarious and maddening at the same time. I'm not a fanatic phish lover, but I definitely "get it" and love certain things about the band. Far and away, the best part is the musical interplay and improvisation. And the cornerstone of that is Trey's guitar playing. HARRIS! YOU DIDN'T PLAY A SINGLE NOTE Of TREY'S GUITAR WORK! Instead, you chose to showcase the absolute worst part of phish, which is the inane lyrics, the dodgy vocals and the "boring" first half minute of some otherwise decent phish tunes. Please, do me a favor. Although Scott still may not like phish, you have to select better things for him to hear. Try this: Play the last verse/chorus before the jam starts in whatever phish "classic" you like. Then let us hear how the band really takes off from that point. (Somebody above referred to the lyrics as placeholders, and honestly thats what they kind of are). Also, for the epic, 15-minute songs that you want to play, listen ahead and make a note on when the good parts are. You completely lose Scott when you say, "jump ahead to minute 20", and whatever they are doing sounds terrible out of context. Phish are masters at tension/release in their long jams. Either play a longer clip, or bookmark some of those moments, in context, where they really peak. Anyway, nice try. More than anything really, I hope you guys just keep making new episodes. You're both hysterical!