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  1. I've tried numerous times to get into Phish. I've bought studio and live albums, friends have given me bootlegs, and I often work in Vermont playing music (and once, Trey's music). I'm even trying again by listening to the podcast. In my life, no other band has had more chances to sound good (and subsequently failed) than Phish.

    However, Scott accurately summed up the conversation around the 55th minute of the first episode, "What the fuck am I listening to?"

    Drugs can make any shitty band sound good. Why not take drugs and listen to music that sounds good sober?

    And as a professional classical musician, please do not say that Trey is classically trained and a classical composer and therefore deserves admiration. Respect, maybe, but not admiration. Vanessa Carlton is "classically trained" as well, so fuck her too.