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    Episode 10 — Mac & Me

    How do you make a movie like Mac and Me? We'll give you the recipe: Take a bag of Skittles. Mix it with equal parts tired 80's archetypes and bad CGI. Let it simmer in Coca-Cola while you go have an impromptu yet totally choreographed dance party. Carefully remove any traces of plot and serve with a side of french fries. There you have it, a recipe for a movie so stomach-churning that even the talented How Did This Get Made chefs, including Adam Pally, cannot make palatable. Enjoy!
  2. engineerdoug

    Episode 24 — Fucking In The Dark

    Few men are as well rounded as Paul Rusty Rust. He's versed in country western music and power pop, performs in comedies and Nazi action thrillers, and checks off every other box necessary to be the perfect chartist. He joins Howard and Kulap this week for a game of Chart Roulette and manages to find time for a movie and country music chart. Prepare yourself for Howard's brand-new characters: Laugh Factory and Puppy Thom Yorke. See you all next week, except for our female listeners who can always catch Kulap at the Lady Talk Chat Room.
  3. engineerdoug

    Episode 108 — Pussy CPR

    Comedy Bang Bang welcomes back an old friend this week with Rob Corddry. With him comes his beautiful and hilarious Childrens Hospital co-star Erinn Hayes who has a kind word for everyone in the room. Even the despicable and disgusting Dov Charney of American Apparel is subject to Erinn's kindess, despite his repeated attempts to violate her in the most sustainable, organic way possible. With the return of Mr. Corddry, we also see the return of past features What Am I Thinking? and Jukebox Jury. If you're curious about future episodes of Childrens Hospital (how can you not be?) or want to hear about Scott's past experience as an American Apparel model (I mean, come on now!), tune on in to Comedy Bang Bang!
  4. This is a show for lovers of Hollywood, pizza, marijuana, and plane breaks. Our guest this week is Andy Samberg from The Lonely Island and Saturday Night Live who gives us the inside scoop on creating a record and working with talents like Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga. There is an unfortunate appearance by Scott's weed guy Bro, but we make up for it with a great game of Would You Rather and the first Comedy Bang Bang semi-prank call. And yes, there are plane breaks.
  5. In podcasting, you do a lot of things you don't want to do. This episode isn't one of those things! Our guests are the hilarious John Mulaney and Nick Kroll. You know what that means? We'll hear some of their classic characters like Freckle Face and John's Uncle Cowboy. Learn "how the bread is made" on Saturday Night Live and how Law & Order has informed John's comedy career. Come for the Plane Break, stay for the Plugs!
  6. engineerdoug

    Episode 11 — The Tourist

    When you pair two superstars like Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, what's the worst that can happen? Apparently it's The Tourist. Jason lucked out and missed this movie, but Paul, June, and special guests Natasha Leggero and Gil Ozeri are here to discuss the bad accents and lack of chemistry that fill this Golden Globe nominated film. Be sure to check out the newly redesigned Earwolf website where you can buy the Ridiculous Cage shirt and donate to help buy us a new studio. We promise not to spend it on plastic surgery.
  7. Welcome to Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca. In this episode, Bob tells us a hopeful tale about a certain therapeutic treatment and what it has meant for his gentle psyche. Please send your words of encouragement, prayer requests, and other needs to AffirmationNation@Earwolf.com
  8. If you aren't yet glad you survived the rapture, you will be once you hear this episode of Comedy Bang Bang! Not only do we have the hilarious and talented Andy Richter, but we receive a visit from Earwolf's very own Harold Camping: CAKE BOSS! Buddy Valastro tells us what heaven is like, just in case the rapture is upon us, and presents us with yet another bone-chilling tale of cake and death. There is just enough time for Who Said It before we put Buddy's cake trance on hold for next week. Catch the exciting conclusion next Tuesday on Earwolf.
  9. Wayne's World was a successful sketch-turned-movie that satirized the music and mentality of the time with absolute precision. Austin Powers hit the cultural zeitgeist so hard that the quotes and characters remain in public consciousness. The Love Guru is, uh...well, it's a movie, that's for sure. Matt Walsh, director of the upcoming film High Road, joins the How Did This Get Made crew (including an internet connected Jason) to discuss how this pro-enlightenment, over-written piece of garbage got made. He even brings our attention to some of the more bizarre reviews the movie received. If you're curious about the odd casting choices and borderline animal cruelty from this Mike Meyers flop, tune in. Maybe, just maybe, you'll hear one of your suggested character names!
  10. By now you've had a week to dream up possibilities for this episode. Will Cake Boss be able to reach Chewbacca? Will he be bitten by a radioactive cake animal? Will Buddy and Andy Richter play Would You Rather and figure out the origin of steampunk culture? I won't spoil anything for you, but there WILL be plugs so listen up! Be sure to check out the newly renovated Earwolf website complete with new features, new apps, new merch, and new donation opportunities.
  11. engineerdoug

    Episode 7 — Deja Vu

    This week on Professor Blastoff we discuss.....woah.....okay, this is weird. I feel like I've written this before!?! About the possible causes of deja vu and how it relates to epilepsy and dementia. Am I alone? They discussed the double perception theory and the history of pie charts. I can't be the only one who remembers this! You were wearing a cowboy hat! Well, I'm going to head to the neurologist, so while I'm there listen to this episode of Professor Blastoff (if you haven't already).
  12. Most of the podcasts on Earwolf are full of jokes and goof 'em ups, but Bob is here to talk about one of the most serious issues plaguing this country: Bathtub Safety.
  13. There are few things in this world more refreshing than Affirmation Nation. One of those things is Coconut Water.
  14. Perhaps the greatest love a person can find is the love of a furry friend. But as Bob's friend Ms. Hartar learned, you have to be careful with these four-legged companions.
  15. Bob has recently discovered the relaxation and self-realization possible through guided meditations. Join Bob on this, his first of many attempts at nirvana.
  16. Ex-Engineer DOUG here, of Droppin' Wallets fame, with my Jukebox Jury submission. I figured I'd go the traditional route to try to get some play. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QQC6szRams
  17. Have you ever been afraid to say what's on your mind? Like if a woman at your church is being a total bitch or if a house guest is breaking the most important rule of your home? Just say it! Don't be ashamed to say Lady Gaga makes no sense! Have no fear asking random strangers for (a)sexual favors! If you have your own web show, do whatever the hell you want on it! Just follow the lead of Drew, Jessica, and Meghan and have a sense of humor about whatever you do and say. Basically, don't be Angelyne.
  18. engineerdoug

    Episode 26 — Have A Summah

    It's finally here: Our official Have a Summah episode! Our special guest is Ken "Wet Hot American Summah" Marino who escorts us through the summah's most anticipated movies and albums. The Chart Goose is too busy having a summah to join us, so he sent a pal of his to help us out this week. Check out our newly redesigned Earwolf website where you can listen to new shows, get new apps, try out our new features, and more!
  19. engineerdoug

    Episode 105 — Comedy Is Honey

    There are three things our listeners have come to expect from Comedy Bang Bang: Inside information about Hollywood, brilliant improvisers, and drunken English roller-blading Christmas trees. Well this week is no exception! Matt Walsh makes a welcome return and brings with him The Hangover 2 co-writer Scot Armstrong and entertainment legend Sappity Tappity. Alive or Dead is resurrected, along with the Improv Scene of the Week, and we get a batch of limericks, a look into Hollywood auditions, and some post-improv chit chat. Join us on the Comedy Bang Bang Facebook page if you haven't yet, and leave your comments here on Earwolf.
  20. engineerdoug

    Episode 123 — No Scoop for You

    It's called editing guys. Well done editing.
  21. engineerdoug

    Episode 123 — No Scoop for You

    Bravo on the freestyle session. Rappers today call written raps freestyles. I'm glad alt-comedians are still doing the genre justice.
  22. engineerdoug

    Guests you want to see on Sklarbro Country

    You can forget about Bill Simmons. There's a documented feud between him and the guys. It was totally unprovoked, but for some reason Bill doesn't like the bros from their days over at ESPN. I would love to see Chad Ochocinco or Metta World Peace.
  23. engineerdoug

    Earwolf without ED

    I had fun recording and help producing all of these shows. It was a good gig. Thanks for the parting luv.
  24. engineerdoug

    Episode 4 — 21 Grams

    There has been a major controversy populating the public consciousness lately: The rapture. So why not take some time to discuss the afterlife and what it entails? Our guest this week is Katy Bee-Wyatt, a youth pastor who can offer answers to questions like "What do the keys of heaven look like?" and "Do souls have pagers?" David takes this opportunity to show off his extensive knowledge about whales and nirvana, and we even included a sing-along! So what about you, listener? Are you a Stephen Hawking or a Colton Burpo?
  25. engineerdoug

    Episode 29 — Rascal Flatt-lining

    It's summahtime and the livin' is easy! That's because we've got Oscar nominee Aimee Mann in studio and not even terrible L.A. traffic can stop this show from happening! Aimee dishes on music based reality T.V. and pervy bus drivers with the Billboard Digital Album chart, and with the movie chart we explore the songwriting possibilities of Four Loko plus penguins. In honor of our penguin friends at the box office, Hermes the Chart Goose drops by to get Aimee talking about her visit with the Obama family and her love of boxing. Hear Howard's summah gum choice and get an explanation of Green Lantern from Kulap this week on Who Charted?!