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    Summah Gum

    I feel like Orbit should be sponsoring the show.
  2. CarolineEAnd

    how do i change my display name?

    Tah Dah!
  3. CarolineEAnd

    how do i change my display name?

    What do you want it to be? I'll change it for you.
  4. CarolineEAnd

    Super Mario Bros.

    I straight up unironically love this movie. My brother and I used to watch an old ripped VHS of it EVERY DAY until my mom threw it out because she was tired of us watching it.
  5. CarolineEAnd

    Save Our Asses

    Do you guys know about this yet? Basically, our lovely June Diane Raphael and her fabulous friend Casey Wilson need a bit of help finishing up their movie. There are only 3 days left for the Kickstarter project, so now is the time to help out. Read all about it on the above link. You love June, so help June out!
  6. CarolineEAnd

    Bit about Car Wash with swords, shoes, bongs...

    I don't have any recollection, but maybe Engineer Doug does? If not, it's probably from Rome.
  7. CarolineEAnd

    Summah Songs

    Whoever figured out how to embed videos on here needs to teach me how (nvm: Just post the link and it does it!). Anyways, this one: Also, sorry for making you watch that one.
  8. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 28 — Who Charted? Book Club

    Dave Koechner is such a joy! I love to see him pop up on podcasts because he seems like the kindest soul in the world. This is such a fun episode to listen to. Try NOT to smile!
  9. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 108 — Pussy CPR

    Haha, thanks Jim. It was one of my more fun tasks in creating Earwolf 2.0 . To get into how the bread is made, this one was GOING to be called Belissa With a B, but...I mean, come on! Pussy CPR? That's magical!
  10. CarolineEAnd

    Anouther Plugs Theme: this time less punky

    You rule hXc (is that still a thing kids say? Or rather, a stylization of hardcore that the kids still use? Those rascals!).
  11. CarolineEAnd

    Earwolf guests and hosts' TV appearances

    This is a great thread! Did everyone catch Nurse Kulap on last week's Childrens Hospital?
  12. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 108 — Pussy CPR

    Julia, the DVD has all the outtakes from that scene and they're AMAZING. Nothing like seeing Malin Ackerman back up into Dr. Fantastic. DAMMIT I LOVE THIS SHOW YOUZ GUYZ!
  13. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 108 — Pussy CPR

    LET'S ALL LIST OUR FAVORITE CHILDRENS HOSPITAL QUOTES!!!! "Quick, use my vagina as a splint!" "I'll think about it. I SAID I'LL THINK ABOUT IT!" "Cuz I'm a news junkie. Put on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and I'm done!" "I just think your daughter could participate more in class!" "These are tits!" "Do NOT call me blind!" "Lollipops for any occasion. Discretion guaranteed" "No chief! Chief, no!" "Righteous!"
  14. CarolineEAnd

    Comic Books

    Oh look, over 100 writers, pencilers, and inkers and TWO of them are women. Great. Awesome. Good deal. I'll be reading Batgirl, Batwoman, MAAAAYBE Catwoman (Guillem is one of my favorite artists), Fury of Firestorm (Firestorm was one of the only interesting parts of Brightest Day to me), Nightwing (Dick Grayson is great), and maybe Hawk & Dove. I'm so mad about loosing Secret Six. That book is my jam.
  15. CarolineEAnd

    Operation: Endgame (2010)

    My brother woke me up one night and said "You have to see this movie! Rob Corddry, Adam Scott, Zach Galifianakis, Bob Odenkirk..." and boy did I have NO clue I would get what I got. Although, to echo everyone else's sentiments, Corddry kind of owned it. Also, after I watched it I did look into how it got made. The screenplay was part of some writing competition and the prize for winning was that you got your film made. So, maybe the question to be asked is How Did This Movie Win, or How Did This Writer Think That This Was Any Good.
  16. CarolineEAnd

    Passing through the Hendersons...

    1. EARWOLVES IN HOUSTON REPRESENT!!!!!!!!! 2. There is also a town called Henderson in Louisiana near where I went to college. Everytime I passed through I would send my brother a mighty "HENDERSON!!!" text.
  17. CarolineEAnd

    Comic Books

    Yall....Secret Six got axed by DC. If anyone would like to cry with me, feel free. MISS YOU ALREADY RAGDOLL!
  18. CarolineEAnd

    Best Howard quotes and questions

    "Yoko's parents were in banking"
  19. CarolineEAnd

    Summah Plans!

    Are you following my Tumblr???? I totally just put up my Summah Preparation Schedge. Must be summah-nicity. I'm taking a quick lil' trip to Cali where I will be undoubtedly having a summah. I'm trying to sneak summah into every day though, even if it's just taking a summah walk over to the snow cone stand outside of my neighborhood.
  20. CarolineEAnd

    Things to do in Los Angeles

    That title sounds kinda spammy, huh? Well, I know that a lot of our listeners live in Los Angeles, and I will be taking a lil' trip there soon and was wondering if you guys had any recommendations of restaurants and fun shops and the sort? See, I've planned a weekend full of funness, but in order to get the ultra cheap airfare that allowed me to make this trip, I have to stick around all day on a Monday. And from what I can tell, there isn't a lot of hip cool comedy stuff happening at 1 PM on most Mondays. So tell me what to do! I'll be your Flat Stanley. Is that still a thing?
  21. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 27 — Abandon Sex!

    Dan, I've never seen an episode of Game of Thrones, but what Kulap said has been echoed in every passing reference to the show/books I've ever read online (lozza rape). Don't fret. No spoilers.
  22. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 21 — Who Listens To Earwolf?

    The most interesting part of this episode for me was the defining of "comedy nerd." I've been referring to myself as one for years without having an actual definition. After ruminating on it, my definition is two-fold -An individual who knows and cares about the culture and history of comedy (at least post-80's comedy boom) -An individual who can observe and enjoy more than one joke at a time. As I've encountered non-comedy nerds who enjoy comedy, the main difference I've observed is that they don't get "the joke is that they're doing it" style jokes. I think that the common thread behind so much of "alternative comedy" is the meta-joke (Stella, Childrens Hospital, Mr. Show, Andy Daly, etc).
  23. CarolineEAnd

    What guest do you want to see?

    Wow, there are so many. At one point I had a physical list, but I've grown since then. I'll just give 5 (for now) -Jordan Morris -Dave Horwitz -John Ross Bowie -Angela Trimbur -Josh Fadem
  24. CarolineEAnd

    Comic Books

    At my "financial adviser" s advice, I've cut it down to 3 a month (plus a boatload of trades). -Birds of Prey -Secret Six -Chew I think once all this Flashpoint stuff happens I'll abandon Birds (BECAUSE IT'S NOT EVEN BIRDS ANYMORE! POISON IVY IS A PLANT, NOT A BIRD!) and pick up Firestorm, Batgirl (at least to try it out), and maybe some Catwoman. I'll never stop reading Secret Six. That's my jam. Can anyone help me get into Marvel? I've only ever read non-Marvel (DC, Wildstorm, indies) but I'm sure I would enjoy it. I've heard Uncanny X-Men is good, but I need a specific author or trade to start with. Any suggestions?
  25. CarolineEAnd


    All great points. As far as Gail writing Batgirl, I'm one of the ones really disappointed that they're erasing The Oracle. What made Babs such a dynamic character was that she had a significant physical disability and managed to keep a strong hold on Gotham. To dispose of that is erasing something really meaningful to a lot of people (refer to The Nerdy Birds blog about ablism in comics). I'm SUPER not into the new Birds of Prey, but I get to keep my Secret Six and I'm happy. And Gail is a very sensitive writer, so I know she'll treat Batgirl with the same dignity that she did as The Oracle. Yeah, it's unfortunate that Gail is the go-to "ladies" comic writer, especially since Secret Six and her JLA is so impressive. My brother is reading Secret Six right now and he cannot believe how amazing it is. Everyone, feel free to go back to talking about not-comic books. I feel like there should MAYBE be a comic book thread in the forum. I have the sneaking feeling we aren't alone (especially since almost every Earwolf I've ever spoken to is a comic book fan, including Gail herself (shout out!) ).