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  1. 2011 is almost over, so let’s finish it on your faces! Nick Kroll is making his Who Charted? debut this week but between his song remix ideas, his first date stories, and his tales of Fernando I think he’s acquired enough comedy credits to earn another appearance! As it is the end of the year our charts are the Top Songs That Have Inspired Who Charted? and the Top : Movies of 2011 followed by a quick game of Chart PiΓ±ata. Thank you to everyone who has listened to and supported Who Charted? this year!

  2. I don't think you're going to convince any of us to not like Drive. And if you look at websites like Rotten Tomatoes you'll see that we aren't the only ones to convince. I have no problem with you not liking the movie, but it's like suggesting Saving Private Ryan, Godfather, Titanic or Sophie's Choice. I don't necessarily love all those movies, but I know that it's not because the movie is at fault.

    Critics loved Drive. Audiences loved Drive. Everyone involved took a lot of pride in what they did. It wasn't a flop, it wasn't an embarrassment, it wasn't Old Dogs or Superman III.

  3. If Vitali Klitschko thinks he can be the President of Ukraine, I believe we should nominate Maria Bamford for President of Sklarbro Country. She will rule the country with a sober fist, she will reform the laws regarding Monopoly, she's both a diplomat AND a cheerleader, and she's not afraid to ask for coaching when she needs it. Do all you BamFans agree? She'd make Sklarbro Country a welcome place where Bruce Jenner could come to forget about Kim's failed marriage and Cristiano Ronaldo could reset his email settings. Bamford 2012!

  4. In case anyone is interested, the purpose of the whiny vocal exercise is to focus the air stream to the mouth while employing the nasal cavity for resonance.
    Caroline Spent-Hundreds-Of-Thousands-Of-Dollars-On-Voice-Training-And-Dammit-I'm-Going-To-Use-It Anderson.

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  5. I was explaining to my mother that I'm sort of growing to like Phish simply because I like this podcast so much and I associate the songs with the jokes. I explained that I tried to listen to one of the songs outside of the context of the podcast and immediately hated it. I played that song (Farmhouse) for her. Her response
    After 30 seconds "This is a real song?"
    After 45 seconds "They make money?"
    After 1 minute "Oh for god sakes turn that off!"