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  1. Whoever figured out how to embed videos on here needs to teach me how (nvm: Just post the link and it does it!). Anyways, this one:

    Also, sorry for making you watch that one.

    "Quick, use my vagina as a splint!"
    "I'll think about it. I SAID I'LL THINK ABOUT IT!"
    "Cuz I'm a news junkie. Put on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and I'm done!"
    "I just think your daughter could participate more in class!"
    "These are tits!"
    "Do NOT call me blind!"
    "Lollipops for any occasion. Discretion guaranteed"
    "No chief! Chief, no!"

  3. My brother woke me up one night and said "You have to see this movie! Rob Corddry, Adam Scott, Zach Galifianakis, Bob Odenkirk..." and boy did I have NO clue I would get what I got.

    Although, to echo everyone else's sentiments, Corddry kind of owned it.

    Also, after I watched it I did look into how it got made. The screenplay was part of some writing competition and the prize for winning was that you got your film made. So, maybe the question to be asked is How Did This Movie Win, or How Did This Writer Think That This Was Any Good.

  4. Are you following my Tumblr???? I totally just put up my Summah Preparation Schedge. Must be summah-nicity.

    I'm taking a quick lil' trip to Cali where I will be undoubtedly having a summah. I'm trying to sneak summah into every day though, even if it's just taking a summah walk over to the snow cone stand outside of my neighborhood.

  5. The most interesting part of this episode for me was the defining of "comedy nerd." I've been referring to myself as one for years without having an actual definition. After ruminating on it, my definition is two-fold
    -An individual who knows and cares about the culture and history of comedy (at least post-80's comedy boom)
    -An individual who can observe and enjoy more than one joke at a time. As I've encountered non-comedy nerds who enjoy comedy, the main difference I've observed is that they don't get "the joke is that they're doing it" style jokes. I think that the common thread behind so much of "alternative comedy" is the meta-joke (Stella, Childrens Hospital, Mr. Show, Andy Daly, etc).

  6. Do you guys know about this yet?

    Basically, our lovely June Diane Raphael and her fabulous friend Casey Wilson need a bit of help finishing up their movie. There are only 3 days left for the Kickstarter project, so now is the time to help out. Read all about it on the above link. You love June, so help June out!

  7. I figured we could share reviews and rare finds in our search for Summah Gum.

    I just tried out Orbit Strawberry Remix. DEFINITE contender. How about youz guyz?