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    Episode 110 - Thumbs Yes!

    With a cascade of puns, a round of “no, but” style improvisation, an appearance of cake bugs, and latent racism, this is a classic Comedy Bang Bang waiting to happen. Our guests are Colin Hanks and Myq Kaplan who match wits on What Am I Thinking? while throwing down on Would You Rather?. We also have an appearance by Kylie Bloom (I think) who is the editor of Spa Magazine (I think) and shares the Cake Boss’ gift of the second sight (that one I know for sure). I can neither confirm nor deny the appearance of a certain deceased hip hop legend, but I can tell you that you will give this episode a Thumbs Yes!
  2. Go vote for the Earwolf app at The Comedy Awards! I made that thing on my own as a 18 year old kid in my college apartment! It is absolutely insane to be nominated! You should go vote for it so it can win! http://thecomedyawards.com/categories/viewers-choice/comedy-app/
  3. Hi, This was a bug in the app, due to HDTGM's unique .5 numbering system. It's been fixed in an update that is currently available on iTunes. So just go to your app store and hit update. Sorry about this! It was fixed as soon as it was reported a couple weeks ago. Thanks!
  4. shahruz

    Shameless :(

  5. shahruz

    Superman 3 Live Video?

    Not sure how it mysteriously was unlisted in the store. You can get to it here: http://store.earwolf.com/pages/how-did-this-get-made-ep-24 I'll work on getting it back up in the store, thanks for the heads-up.
  6. Hi Lee, Scott answered your question in the forum topic for the latest episode: http://www.earwolf.com/forums/topic.php?id=2911&page=2#post-12660
  7. shahruz

    Episode 74 — Sklarbro Mixtape 2011

    @grumpy squirrel that was my favorite version too until i heard the way he does it live:
  8. shahruz

    Holiday Special with PFT

    They're both technically through PayPal, one just gives you the option to use an existing login, the other uses PayPal for credit card processing. We get the same amount regardless of which you choose. Thanks!!
  9. shahruz

    Does anyone else think Eardrop should autoplay?

    This is something we thought about, but ultimately decided that because a lot of people will be clicking in from Twitter, most of them being first time users, autoplaying would just be annoying to people who don't really know what Eardrop is. We may implement autoplay when the referring page is already in eardrop.fm (for people clicking around on the website who know what Eardrop is), and maybe a setting somewhere once we have login/record functionality on the website. Thanks for the suggestion David.
  10. it's room 2: 'the sunset lab'
  11. How did Hot Dog's Sha Na Na audition go? What can we expect from Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest project? And what else could have possibly bitten the Cake Boss this time? Get these answers and more with the complete Comedy Bang Bang LIVE at Bumbershoot package. You'll hear three full hours of comedians and characters: Anthony Jeselnik with Mr. Brainwash and August Lindt, Eugene Mirman with Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and Hot Dog, and Doug Benson with Cake Boss and Don Dimello. It's a collection that no Comedy Bang Bang completist should be without! Available for purchase here: http://www.earwolf.com/store/comedy-bang-bang-the-podcast-live-from-bumbershoot-2011.html
  12. shahruz

    Episode 4 — improv4humans

    @gle urg We're trying something new out with this. The idea is that Earwolf Presents has a large built-in audience that's already subscribed, that's open to sampling anything Earwolf puts out. So by putting out first episodes on the Earwolf Presents feed, it gets huge exposure. We'll be adding an improv4humans show page to Earwolf soon, but you can subscribe now via iTunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=479820088. We'll add episode 1 to that feed a minute before episode 2 comes out, so people aren't redownloading it automatically and getting annoyed. Hope this makes sense!
  13. shahruz

    I miss...

    stay tuned.
  14. shahruz

    Episode 3 — Gelmania

    oh no... anyone know the best way to COMPLETELY take something off the internet?
  15. shahruz

    Episode 38 — Who Is Steve Heisler?

    @Tom The feed should be accessible at http://earwolf.com/feed. It's probably a good idea to have it in the sidebar there though.
  16. shahruz

    Earwolf podcast art in iTunes not downloading

    I'll look into it KC. Sorry about that!
  17. shahruz


    @Syn Give it a rest. You've made your point multiple times, often insulting Scott's guests along the way. There's ways of expressing your opinion without resorting to that (as Matt Shepherd did in another post). Hopefully you take my reply constructively and find ways to express your opinion in a different way, or I'll have to remove you from the forum, as we're not cool with the idea of personal insults being thrown at our guests from our own forums.
  18. Dirk, . 1. My name's not Brian. . 2. My argument about notifications isn't BS at all, it's exactly how it works. Please explain to me how you think it may operate otherwise. Be as detailed as you can, please. Don't just say I'm wrong and not explain why you think that is. . 3. Why is it that every claim you make that you're called out on, you simply back up with more claims? Or simply state that you don't care or don't want to waste your time? I knew you wouldn't have a single app to point to, you'd just come up with some convenient excuse that you think fools everyone. . 4. Thanks again for the laugh-track. It's good to know that you're at least somewhat self-aware of your insanity!
  19. @Dirk Your apostrophe usage and necessity to add your own laugh-track to that incomprehensible post make me concerned (amongst many other things), but I'll respond to the one part that has to do with me personally. . Firstly, no, no-one has ever said anything about the Earwolf app (there's no need for apostrophes there, by the way, since it's neither an app pretending to be related to Earwolf when it's not, nor an Earwolf-related entity pretending to be an app) sending out push notifications a day late. Thanks for letting me know now, so I can look into it. . Since you brought it up, I can assure you that it's not an issue with my iOS programming, it's a server-side issue. Any iOS dev should know that push notifications are sent from a remote server, and that it's poor design to have the app receive and hold that notification to be displayed at a future time. So it is the server that is sending out notifications a day late, and I can also assure you that it is not a "SINGLE LINE OF CODE" (I am using quotation marks here because it's a direct quote from your post. I really hope you're taking notes on how to use these things). That's something people pretending to be developers often say, usually because they want people to think they're more knowledgable than they actually are. . However, I don't want to accuse you of being a liar, so I'd really, genuinely love to see some of your iOS apps! Or even your guess as to which "SINGLE LINE OF CODE" you think it is that needs changing!
  20. shahruz

    Earwolf Android app

    @Andrew Though it is a great idea, it limits us greatly when we use the app to introduce Earwolf to new people. I can explain what a podcast is to someone and why they should care, but if a big-name guest isn't in the last 20 episodes, then the odds of them actually getting in to it are lower than they could be. This is also the reason I personally argue against removing older episodes from our feeds and making them premium content. Good news is though, you can easily just donate to Earwolf whatever price you would've purchased the app for!
  21. shahruz

    Earwolf Android app

    Sorry I never updated. We have a very talented developer named Mitch working on a complete version (think iPhone app v2.0) now, it should hopefully be done in a matter of weeks.
  22. shahruz

    Live from Bumbershoot 2011 Discussion

    @Henry This is a problem we haven't heard of before, and I'm fairly sure it doesn't have to do with the file names. I'd suggest trying a different browser to download the files maybe? If that doesn't work (or if you've reached your download limit), please email happiness at earwolf.com and we'll help you out there. Sorry about the problems. @Jonny Marko The store seems to be up and running on my end, can you take a screenshot of the problem and email it to happiness at earwolf.com? Thanks, and sorry for the delay.
  23. shahruz

    Live from Bumbershoot 2011 Discussion

    These are back up on our new store http://store.earwolf.com/ (All the rest of the store items are being moved there this weekend, so that will be our official store going forward!)
  24. @Chris Anderson I can change your username to something else if you'd like to avoid the confusion.
  25. @Chris Anderson I can change your username to something else if you'd like to avoid the confusion.