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  1. brettgelman

    Episode 13 — Gelmania XIII

    Do not lose the faith. Do not wish destruction. We must all do our part. Yet I applaud you being honest with your frustration. That is more than most are doing. But we must raise our level of positivity. Even if we are the only one's we are something.
  2. brettgelman

    Episode 12 — Gelmania XII

    You're all incredible. All of these comments make me want to keep making this. You totally get IT. You totally get ME!!! Thank you all! Big shout out to my producer and Gelmania partner Cyrus G! This would not be what it is without his genius!
  3. brettgelman

    Episode 10 — Gelmania X

    Keep the truth alive. Keep in mind Gelmania is not necesarily all about laughs. It is about what the moment actually is. And sometimes that moment is a long one. Let's not be afraid to stretch our moments out so we can truly enjoy them. Thank you for all of your loyalty. Let's make this podcast take over the world. Only you can help. And when the podcast takes over truth will reign and we will all be free. We will experience an age of enlightenment. We will shine like the sun, and as we merge with machines we will experience true superieority and immortality. Spirit and sould will merge with the conciousness we think we experience everyday. Thank you for the amazing photoshop tribute Colin. Gelmaniacs let's make this real!
  4. brettgelman

    Episode 5 — Gelmania V

    Thank you guys so much! Here's some answers to the questions. I do not do the production. That magic is done by Cyrus Ghahremani. The song from the sneak peek will be coming out soon. We thought it best not to include it with this episode. Do not be frightened. Fear is just an obstacle. Not a reality.
  5. brettgelman


    GELMANIA V is dropping a week from today. THEN IT WILL BE WEEKLY! In the mean time enjoy this my maniacs!
  6. brettgelman

    Episode 4 — Gelmania IV

    Pussy Boys, Pussy Girls! I love you! The name of that clown is Tubbos The Jew Nose Clown!
  7. brettgelman

    Episode 4 — Gelmania IV

    Love that you're all loving the show Gelmaniacs! Many more to come! I will soon start releasing this more frequently. I love you all. The love you give me keeps me going and wanting to make these. It's hard guys. This is my heart and soul here. This is my blood. I actually bleed when I record this podcast. You can ask the other half of Gelmania Cyrus G.! When we're done, the amount of time it takes to record the show, multiply that time by 2, and that's the amount of time it takes to clean up our blood. Soak in the day, and scream at the night!
  8. brettgelman

    Episode 3 — Gelmania III

    You Maniacs ready for the new ep to drop on Friday?
  9. brettgelman

    gelmania # 1

    Couldn't say it better myself Barry!
  10. brettgelman

    Episode 3 — Gelmania III

    I will keep it coming if you keep it coming! I will promote anything! I am a hippocrite and so are you! That being said, don't give into the advertising meat grinder, or you will be ground into raw chuck.
  11. brettgelman

    Gelmania II

    How you Gelmaniacs diggin' the new shit?! http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/gelmania/id485535362
  12. brettgelman

    Gelmania II

    I will be putting them out at least once every 2 weeks for the most part.
  13. brettgelman

    Gelmania II

    Tom, in Gelmania there is no such thing as death. Only life and other life. Doesn't that sound great? Glad you guys are digging it.
  14. brettgelman

    Episode 3 — Gelmania

    Hey Gelmaniacs! Next episode should be droppin' by the latest 3 weeks from now and then they will come out with more frequency. You guys are going to love it! Here's some shit you can expect. Tubbos The Jew Nose Clown Fighting Fucking Billy Crystal
  15. brettgelman

    Episode 3 — Gelmania

    Jason! More will be coming very soon! Jughead I prefer shit. it's more of a release. I did not transtlate the Hitler scratching nor do I want to. I'm sure it's nothing but evil hate, and very likely talking about how much he is not a fan of my people. I've not done Tim's radio show yet, but I plan to soon. Andrew there will be more Cracked Out songs. Some solo joints and some where Record Deal will mos def be participating. I'll also hopefully bringing some other friends on to lay some shit down. Roy! Earwolf should be posting the song on youtube soon. The name is Jeziz Freakz.