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  1. Hey humons, my standup special BESSER BREAKS THE RECORD is live on Seeso.com starting today available for only $3.99. Also The UCB Show shot at our theater on Sunset. It would mean a lot to get your humon support today!
  2. mattbesser

    i4h tv pilot

    Help me build a sample running order for i4h show based on successful examples of each kind of segment we do. So what are some great Crap On Youtube we've done. What was the best What's Bothering You? Please list show # and time if you happen to know it. I'll use this to pitch so that the "buyer" can link to an example scene for each kind of segment we do.
  3. This podcast was done in the "lab room" at The Improv for some pre-fest shows for LAPodfest. There was barely anyone in the small room, and I think for many of them they might have been watching improv for the first time. They actually were pretty cool considering the environment. Also the audiences aren't really mic-ed that well on shows outside the UCB. That being said i4h is looking to tour more in 2016 to support some upcoming projects!
  4. mattbesser

    EPISODE 203 — Bitter Beer Face

    It will make Best Ofs easier to make from now on.
  5. mattbesser

    EPISODE 203 — Bitter Beer Face

    As soon as I started running nobody was looking at James anymore. He got his bag and escaped with ease. Everybody vote on the next Best Of!
  6. mattbesser

    Episode 81 — Finger Fuckers

    Mr. Too Much Moxie, you need to skip on to the Master Blaster runs Barter Town episode. Also, Case waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Closed! I have a statute of limitations on how far back in the archives you can lecture me. 2013?! I will only be scolded on issues brought up in 2015. Maybe you should also skip to the SKM eps. That being said we record tomorrow (aug 5) if you'd like to take me to task on the air and give me a good talking to. We can also talk about the first season of Game of Thrones if you've caught up. Hey everybody, have you weighed in on the next Best Of ep?
  7. I guess I feel the discussion comes on the forum before the Case Closed. Isn't everyone here just repeating the same argument they made two weeks ago but being nastier about it? Criticizing fellow forum members seems especially unfair.
  8. Wow. I'm in NYC for the Del Close Marathon. (improv4humans live tomorrow, Saturday 1-5pm, at UCBeast) so I haven't read this til now. Even now I can't read all these long posts but I'm surprised at such negative reaction to this. I thought we had a pretty civil discussion with four people. And we are just people with opinions, not politicians representing public policy. I think it takes a certain amount of guts to come on the show so i thank kate, soup, and wax for that. To criticize them seems ridiculous. Think of the glass half full. How many shows have this kind of discussion opportunities with fans? There are so many podcasts where nothing of societal importance is ever discussed. Be proud that we are all actively involved in these kind of debates. It's not done enough. But do we have to get mean on this forum?Aren't we all on the same team? We all know that the real enemy is the part of the comedy industry that creates things like Entourage. If you are disappointed in me, well, that disappoints me. I hate to think that Case Closed makes the show lose any fans. I think spirited debate is entertaining. I honestly don't care about the SKM issue that much and I could easily debate the other side of the issue. I find it fun taking a challenging stance on an issue, and I think it can be inspiring for good comedy. I know a lot of people hate it, so I'm pretty sure we've only done CC once in 2015. And I try to do extra long show when we do it. So I'm sorry I disappoint you but after all, I am only humon. I also kind of wish the spirit of the forum after a Case Closed would be that since everybody is invited into the Thunderdome, then once the Case is Closed then the Case is Closed. It's like a gentlemen's (or gentlewoman's!) agreement. Otherwise it seems things always get nasty. Long live Del!
  9. Case Closed will be recorded on Wed. morning around 11:30am PST Topic: Is Kozelek a misogynist, and should he be condemned for the Snapes song?
  10. as they say in Hotwives season one, maybe everybody should "calm down". I think everybody made their point. However, I will open up the Case Closed Octogon if anyone wants to step in next recording. But I won't participate.
  11. Tyrone and Soup would you guys like to debate this on Case Closed?
  12. I'm doing two shows on 4/20 so if you live in LA get tix now www.mattbesser.com
  13. mattbesser

    EPISODE 174 — Whiplash Ft. Armen

    Thanks for all the positive feedback everybody. We had a lot of fun doing it. Might even have a little video soon. Something the Milkman is putting together. It's funny to me how many people even after listening to the whole thing still thought it was real. And everyone that commented on our soundcloud pretty much hated it. The Slap parody coming soon.
  14. mattbesser

    Episode 172 — Big Grande

    I get that the bots are actually talking. But their responses are from "funny" things humans have said to it therefore it's behaving like a parrot owned by someone who is always trying to be funny. Therefore it seems there is a comedy element innate to the bots which I don't like as the "truth" for our comedy.
  15. I really like this episode too. The main difference with this kind of improv is that the improviser is playing the game of the scene while playing whatever their character's game is. Hoping word gets out on this episode to start i4h with a bang for the new year.
  16. mattbesser

    Episode 166 — Deranged Penguin

    Canticle is definitely top 5. WOOL will hopefully be a movie some day soon. I've read all your list except The 12. I haven't heard of it. Will have to look it up. I hate the Road. Margaret Atwood's recent trilogy starting with Oryx & Crake is top of the genre. Would make a great tv show! Here are some other classics... Farnham's Freehold Damnation Alley The Afterblight Chronicles Mockingbird Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang On Wings of Song Emprise Dome Greybeard Aftermath The Late Great Planet Earth Riddley Walker Lucifer's Hammer Z for Zachariah 334 Wolf & Iron Make Room, Make Room In the Drift Plague Year Dayworld The Pesthouse *some of these are maybe more dystopian than PA but those two genres often intersect
  17. Okay how about this...we keep Case Closed but always make sure it is 1) at the end of an episode 2) there has already been at least 1 hour of show 3) robot warning is given for CC haters. 4) Won't do CC more than once a month if that What I'd like is humons to know that 1) CC will never be fair like a Presidential debate because Master Blaster runs barter town 2) Matty B is humon too. If you prick me I bleed. So please if I'm going to hang out here don't just jerk my chain to jerk my chain. Let's have the CC's occur organically.
  18. First off, thank you for coming to see me in Vancouver. I was sincerely surprised the show had that many fans there. A truly beautiful city. In the context of a discussion about a word I can't use the word? Then why wasn't she outraged that I also used the words "cunt" "faggot" and "retard" in the same discussion? I'd love for someone to make me a list of the words that can never get said and possibly rank them. I'm not even kidding. I've always been facinated by this concept that some words can't be uttered in any context. In this case the lecture hall on a college campus where just such discussions were meant to be had.
  19. Thanks Jacob, but I am truly curious as to why not eating the crust isn't okay?
  20. Once again this isn't a political talk show. We can't pre interview everyone for the show to measure their "qualifications". I'm not anymore qualified on a topic than who I am debating. I always just allow whomever shows up to do it. Case Closed will never be fair. Master Blaster rules barter town and that's it. Brett and I want to know why can't the people who don't like Case Closed just end the show at the robot's warning? I don't get mad at my pizza because I don't like pizza crust.
  21. I'm glad you guys are liking these singer-songwriters. We have reached out to Barry, Ragan, Lucero, and many others. Problem is most these guys, when on tour, don't really have a lot of free time. But I do check out your suggestions. Any ideas for legitimate blogs that would be interested in our musical episodes? We're sending out a press release this week.
  22. Here is link to my music recommendation list which I put out a few times a year... http://www.mattbesser.com/?page_id=19 Tomorrow we have a really special episode of i4h that I hope you guys plug to people who like this singer/songwriter kind of music. And of course on Saturday we are doing a live i4h at the UCBsunset.
  23. mattbesser

    Episode 159 — Rainbow Bridge

    I have not and will not read your long posts. This is not a politcal talk show. I am not a pundit, nor a politician. I like that we are regular joes giving our opinions and that leads to improv. We have Case Closed to give listeners a chance to give their opinion. We invited multiple people from this forum and only one guy showed up. But if you're going to go with the spirit of the show, when the case is closed, the case is closed. You can go ahead and express your freedom of speech, but opening closed case is not humon. So don't bully me... Please try using the Your Best Story thread to express your opinion on a societal problem which is have not pissed you off on yet.
  24. mattbesser

    Episode 159 — Rainbow Bridge

    Thomas invited everyone on this forum who had a strong opinion to join the Case Closed. I even told him to have mutiple callers on at the same time if need be. Only this guy showed up.