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    Forums shutting down

    Thanks Dan! We really appreciate you. This has been a tremendous undertaking. It means the world to us. I’ve fought with Earwolf for a long time to make this a better user experience. I’m sorry they never stepped up. Which is why I locked HDTGM over to discord and the Paul Scheer discord is kinda thriving with a full community and I feel like it can easily house unspoiled. I’d love to build out the boards for unspooled as that’s where I’ve been interacting a lot and we are making a lot of decisions. If anyone wants to help. I can make sure we give you privileges to make it the way you want. I still want it to have autonomy but I also would love to make sure there is a place where we can see what is working and take in everyone’s voices. Let me know. https://discord.gg/YA95ed2k8F
  2. paulscheer

    Gone with the Wind

    I’d just like to respond Bleary. I have seen Birth of Nation and the point I was making in the podcast was, it’s the same bones but we don’t see it that way because the skin of this one is wrapped up in a melodramatic story line.
  3. paulscheer

    Episode 210.5 - Minisode 210.5

    Just a heads up, I misheard the the 2nd Question in Ask Paul segment. I’m kinda mortified. I thought she said, her friends who had been together for 18years brokeup and she was upset that she was listed as his emergency contact. Since she wasn’t in the reationship, I asked why are you so angry at him? Which is a terrible response. That’s what I get for prepping C&Os and answering VMs. We will delete it.
  4. paulscheer

    Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

    Just wanted to put this out there Bodies Controversy
  5. paulscheer

    Swing Time

    I just wanted to pop in and say, I know we are only a few episodes in, I love that everyone is posting. This has been great to read
  6. paulscheer

    Episode 189.5 - Minisode 189.5

    THANKS for the Camera Lens stuff. I'm realizing I didn't go deep enough with my Blockbuster stories on Brooks Show. I had to split focus.
  7. paulscheer

    Episode 188 - Body Rock: LIVE!

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to quickly pop my head in here to let you about UNSPOOLED, this new podcast mini-series I'm doing with Amy Nicholson from The Canon. I mentioned it on the podcast, but I thought you all might like it. It's essentially the opposite of this show. We are watching (supposedly) the greatest movies of all time (AFI's 100 BEST FILMS 2007) and talking about them. It all came up organically when I saw this list and I realized I've missed so many classics or my knowledge of them is so base. Anyway, I thought it would be a fun project, and Amy is super smart about film and film history, and I just love her writing, she reminds me of Pauline Kael. So the show is like a film class and book discussion group. You might like it. You might not. No pressure. How did this Get Made isn't going anywhere but just wanted to personally tell you all about it. You can hear the trailer now. http://www.earwolf.com/show/unspooled/ -Paul
  8. paulscheer

    Episode 186.5 - Minisode 186.5

    Hey ChunK. This all makes sense. I bet somewhere along the way, spellcheck interfered and created your new name - i assumed you changed your name for a inside joke that i was not in on. Ha.
  9. In an effort to address some stuff going on here . I wrote a response quickly. I updated a few things to further clarify some of my feelings. They aren't major, just a few little things.
  10. Hey Everyone, Let me just say this. Tig is my friend. I love her onstage and off. She is consistently hilarious. I was excited to have her on the show, and she did something on this episode that IMO is perfectly Tig. She literally doesn't watch movies so we knew it was going to be a fun/different reaction regardless.. I want to address a few points: 1.) Pay no mind to the trolls. That kind of sexist and homophobic talk is not representative of this group or the show. I don't even want to dignify it with more than this. 2.) Before the show when Tig showed up, she said, I didn't watch the movie, do you want me to do the show? I said, "Absolutely, we'll make it part of the show." Tig is one of the few people I knew could make this work. Plus we had Stephanie. I wasn't worried. 3.) Mentioning that Tig didn't see the movie - We DID talk about the best way to address this; I didn't want just to do the show and pretend or fudge it in some way. Based on previous episode reactions to "unprepared"/unenthused guests we ALL thought it was best to let the audience in on what was going on at the top of the show. I fired the warning shot (to help make sure that there wouldn't be a negative reaction whenit was revealed) and then Tig came out and proudly admitted it, and we went on with the show. 4.) Overtalk - Yes there was ALOT. I know I'm guilty of it. It's been something I've been looking at in these last few months more than normal in regards to everything going on in our society. But I do remember getting frustrated by it in this show in particular. But I wouldn't call it steamrolling, I'd air on the side of bad listening. We all are friends, and I think based on the insane (and great) energy from the crowd, we were just having fun with each other and on a subconscious level, I'd say that Jason and I were making sure that there wouldn't be dead air and I think alot of our guest even thogh they are prepped pre-show aren't as willing to just JUMP in and interupt us. If anything, the one thing that you can't see when listening and something I'm VERY aware of is letting our guests speak and creating moments for them. So I'm talking in body language cues, and when I see certain guest playing a bit more passively, I don't try to make them talk, rather I let them call the shots when they want to. Different guests do the show differently. I think we try to capture their energy rather than forcing them to meet ours. I don't think we were shutting down Stephanie but it wasn't done in malice. In my memory of it, she was hanging back and every time she said something, I thought she was really funny. 5.) Re: Watching the movie, please don't slam my preparations. Yes, I watched the movie on the plane, that doesn't speak to any issue other than, having a 6hr cross-country flight. I can assure you that without a doubt, I'm doing the most legwork on these films and getting it all ready and sifting thru clips, facts, reviews, doing sound checks, etc.. 6.) Not watching the movie is a first and probably last. I honestly don't think there needs to be a debate about it. I make sure our guests have access to the film. Also, our guests aren't being paid or just on to promote. 95% of our guests are our friends, and we try to time their appearances with their projects, but we just have on the people we love. Tig is the reason we were in DC in the first place; she produces that festival. 7.) As far as our live shows go, guests aren't guaranteed, often times it's hard for us to find local talent in cities where we travel, so our MO is to guarantee that you get the best HDTGM show we can do. Which often means, just the three of us or in the latest example 2 of us and one of our favorite people (i.e. Jessica St. Clair). That being said, we try to get an extra person in the mix whenever is possible but we would rather not gamble on an X-factor for a show that people have paid to see. I can't tell you how many BIG NAME guests publicists try to get on the show and we always find out there client has never heard the sow and their publicist thinks it's just good exposure. That's what we want to avoid. 7.) Also, Fuck Peter Jackson for not making Christopher Lee - Gandolf 8.) Have I missed anything? As always, I love the board. I love these discussions and i love all of you. . Be well
  11. paulscheer

    Episode 167.5 - Minisode 167.5

    Ha. I can't disagree with your points. As another parent who is getting up in the 5ams. The fact that you even watch a movie is mind blowing. It's taken june and I six sittings to get thru the finale of the Americans. And we liked it. Also I'm telling Avaryl about Queen of the Damned. Have any of you seen stolen or criminal? Any good?
  12. paulscheer

    Episode 167.5 - Minisode 167.5

    I don't know why I'm fighting for Hard Ticket so hard. Cameron, you can like or dislike whatever you learn BUT I think you are missing all the fun stuff about it. First of all watching any bad movie with one eye means you are going to miss all the smaller stuff that I think makes this movie so funny. I just watched it this morning. I was laughing hard the entire time. I think that's why people check out of The Room about 15 mins in too. I'd agree that this director has basically only directed soft core garbage but this is the one that transcended that. It's the reason a lot of "cool"/revival movie theaters play it as a midnight movie. On the surface it looks as exactly as you describe but the dialogue is pretty insane (oddly clever and just weird at points), their is a Wild snake with Cancer on the loose, bazookas that are used as precision weapons, a skateboarding assassin, a bizarre cross dressing subplot, karate (of course), jacuzzi brainstorming, witness protection, a villain with a toy helicopter, killer frisbees, samurai swords (not used correctly), flaming sandwiches, a main character that gets shot in the face in the first 10 minutes and continues to live, plus the best opening credit sequence and theme song. It's just one of those wonderful messes. It seems like his other films are a little more heartless but this one feels like he accidentally made the ultimate b movie. I do agree these need to be watched more intently than others because if it's just playing in the background. It will feel the way you described. (I also don't know any characters names). Yes, their is gratuitous nudity but also a lot of it feels unsexual to me. Just people taking off their shirts for no reason. Even the two sex scenes are very tame. It's more like here are naked people - I always found the room sex scene and the Chopping mall ones to be more disturbo. That being said, it's totally your perogative to dislike it and I'm not trying to argue against that . I just feel like you are missing the fun of it. Said as a person who just watched it (also I loved Ninja Terminator) - but I'm writing down all your suggestions. The marine has been on the list for awhile. Also I thought I said Opening Night was coming August 1st. Sorry.
  13. paulscheer

    Episode 167.5 - Minisode 167.5

    I also hear the argument about B movies. But it's fun to dip our toes in that pool too, especially with Horror. Again just from a variety standpoint. Have faith that we can always keep you guessing and that we can go from Time Cop to Grease 2 to Ninja Terminator to Lake House.
  14. paulscheer

    Episode 167.5 - Minisode 167.5

    Not to interrupt but truthfully we don't put as much thought into nixing movies as you might believe. I work with Nate and Avaryl on finding movies that are better than just blandly bad. It's surprisingly how many current movies we have looked at that are just fine. I'd rather do something like The Apple or Ninja Terminator because they are just so different, they allow us to go in different directions from a conversation standpoint. That doesn't mean we ONLY exist in them. For example the next two films are wildly different and from the 2000s. . To me it's about creating variety and also making the film watching experience fun. My biggest issue about this show is when people complain about not wanting to watch a "bad movie" - that's the whole premise. Plus I will argue that these weird ones are really watchable. Hard Ticket is a classic, It's like TBS' version of The Room. All this being said, I love reading these opinions and please I just want you to understand the choices. Back in the beginning we wouldn't pre watch. Now I'd argue we toss away a ton after looking at them. As with anything it's a matter of taste. So you might not like Ninja Terminator but a lot of other people did. So hopefully we keep the roulette wheel of genre spinning and we try to connect genres or making interesting pairs week after week. Hence Chopping Mall and Hard Ticket. But I do want you to know we are afraid of current films. We just want to find ones that are fun to watch and yeah they aren't going to be good. I also hear the argument that The Face/Offs and Devils Advocates are fun. I love them too but they are a little harder to come by. Re: Netflix - I know it's not technically free but a majority of people have Netflix and it's something where you don't have to pay per movie or even have cable. In my experience people are willing to take a chance on Netflix films because if you have it. It's just a click. Also your monster truck arrgument is INSANE.
  15. paulscheer

    Episode 166 - Timecop: LIVE!

    Give us a call On the REVAMPED - Q&A HOTLINE at 619-PAULASK Ask me questions about your life, your job or love. I will answer them, and I guarantee that 25% of the time my answer is 100% right! -- It's a Google Number so charges might not apply. Also, we having a HDTGM Merch sale at https://www.teepublic.com/stores/how-did-this-get-made/ Get 20% off using offer code "how-did-this-get-made"
  16. paulscheer

    Episode 165.5 - Minisode 165.5

    I LOVE the Family Feud June Game. Consider it done! Secondly, and I'm not trying to be opportunistic on the forum BUT I have a 20% off code for our new HDTGM store on Tee Public. I really love the designs we have made on this site, so I'm telling you about it because we are legit fans of the stuff on it. Plus you can get the designs as a sticker, shirt, laptop case, hoodies, onesie, etc... (a ton of different price points) and tthe artists get some of this money when you buy their design. (I'll probably post about this on the TimeCop forum as well, just want to make sure we can use this code - so people don't have to pay full price.) website - teepublic.com/stores/hdtgm CODE - "how-did-this-get-made"
  17. paulscheer

    Episode 165.5 - Minisode 165.5

    Two things (That I'm not sure about) 1.) Since 619PAULASK is a Google Number isn't it free if you call on Google? 2.) Wouldn't Skype be really cheap Any ideas for a game segment that we can play on the mini? It would have to be something easy, is Trivia too simple?
  18. paulscheer

    Episode 165.5 - Minisode 165.5

    619-PaulASK - Save it in your phones. Call it anytime.
  19. paulscheer

    Episode 165.5 - Minisode 165.5

    Hi Everyone I've heard your concerns about gross dudes doing the call in segment. Many apologies and I totally get it. So just so you know, I don't screen the calls. I get sent a handful of the "best ones" and then whittle them down normally eliminating one or two. ( I'll tell Dana to cut those types of calls out in the future.) I have no genuine interest in those stories more than, I can't believe that someone would talk about that stuff. So it makes me laugh how creepy people are and it also gives me something to talk about after that call becaus it illicits a genuine reaction in me. But reading the comments I now see how this could be viewed as totally gross. Just know there was never going to be a "erections and omissions" section on the show. I was just joking. I didn't even remember saying that. I don't want to hear that at all. (Also I don't know if it's in contention but I feel like I read the condom ads in the most unsexual way - I would hope that's not making people think it's ok to call about sex) Thanks as always for letting me know your issues. And more importantly. I'd love some people from these forums to call in. Thirdly seems likes Smigg's win was a false victory after that post from the Japanese historian. Paul Also I wrote this on my phone. I apologize for bad grammar and punctuation
  20. paulscheer

    Episode 160 - The Lake House: LIVE!

    Hey Everyone, Giving people a heads up, we are launching a new artist driven T-Shirt shop and we are officially announcing it tomorrow but letting you know today. You can get these designs in multiple ways, shirts, posters, stickers, onesies. I'm excited about this and it's 40% off too! Hope you like them and maybe even inspired to design your own. NEW ARTIST CREATED T-SHIRTS
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    Episode 157 - Surf Ninjas: LIVE!

    Boring AF or AWESOME AF?
  22. paulscheer

    Paywall Special Announcement

    I hesitate even to write this. But I'll say one thing very clearly, This was not at reactionary decision. This decision wasn't capitulation to dissenters. Jason, June and I have always had issues with the paywall. Not the idea of a paywall. But how a paywall could/should work for us. Our show isn't like Maron, DLM or CBB. People find it differently. They might listen at first for a specific film like, The Room or Con Air and go deeper. By taking our entire library away we lose a lot potential listeners stumbling on the show. Believe or not we get a lot of listeners who never listened to podcasts but find these as companion piece to films. So we want to keep that discovery alive in what's avail to new listeners and not just what was recently released. My anxiety is more directed towards the idea that no one was prepared for the decision nor did they hear from us first. I didn't like that. I believe podcasting and radio is a personal medium and I want to communicate with you all before we make a decision. That relationship is important to me. I also understand that some people can't afford to subscribe to 4-5 different services.. I get to a point of overload too (see my unused but paid for Seeso account). So I wanted to find a balance that works and is fair. What I would want as a listener. And on the other hand I love the show ad free. I think if you are big fan. It's a giant value and we will continue to add to that value because that's fair. You support us. We support you. Also this show is a discussion. As you can tell from the ever growing mini eps. I love the community aspect. So when people are upset. I listen. We all do. We try to distill it and address the common issues. As far as artists getting paid. I agree. 100%. In the work I've personally done in the last year and advertised in the show.. I have sold specials on Vimeo for. I have done series on Fullscreen, Hulu and Go90 all pay services. June does a show on Netflix. Jason has had movies on iTunes. We are charging but we don't have to make everything gated at all times. I believe setting an example that free and pay can coexist is a stronger one. That's why a lot of us still do unpaid $7 dollar shows at UCB on a weekly basis. We don't want to go independent. I appreciate the sentiment. But we love Earwolf. I personally have created shows with some amazing people on this network. I believe in Chris and Eric and how they want the network to grow. So I don't want to bail on that community. But most importantly we appreciate you - every donation you have gave, when you buy our stuff, and when patronize our sponsors. This is a big complex eco system and their are many ways to have art, commerce, and fun intermix. -P PS I'm not part owner of Earwolf. By any means. I worked for them to help build Howl which folded into Earwolf.
  23. paulscheer

    Episode 153 - Escape from L.A.: LIVE!

    By the way, I know it was said as a joke, but I'll gladly talk about the paywall but I really don't have much more to add then what I said at the top of the show. We are in the process of changing it and once HDTGM and suits can agree on a compromise that works then I feel like it will be a better discussion because what's happened this week isn't the way it will stay. Until then I'm going on facebook and Twitter and reporting Speilberg to PETA for killing a fucking dinosaur. THAT MONSTER! (I also agree Blake was going for a joke but it was too left of center to get it in the moment.)
  24. paulscheer

    Episode 153 - Escape from L.A.: LIVE!

    Hey Everyone First of all, I'd love to hear more thoughts on ESCAPE FROM LA but I also figured since the debate about the paywall is happening here I wanted to post a lengthy response from the powers that be about the paywall http://forum.earwolf.com/topic/41827-a-message-from-earwolfs-ceo-about-yesterdays-episode-de-publishing/page__pid__236195#entry236195
  25. Hey Everyone, It's time to undertake that GIANT task of putting together THE 2nd HOW DID THIS GET MADE AWARDS. The ONLY episodes in Contention start at Ep.89 (Gooby) and go through Ep. 135 (Solar Babies) We are going to need some big help in the coming weeks/months. Last time we had some amazing listeners help create categories and nominees and we will be doing that but we are also going to try and structure it a bit better. More details on this later. Look here for posts from myself and MARISSA (she's my producing partner on this) about what we need. But what can you do right now? ASSIGNMENT 1 Be Creative We are looking for SuperCuts that highlight the show or an element of the show or even the movies we discussed. We are also looking for a Theme Song or Even Some Categories Theme Songs (We'll announce the categories soon) If you want to compose an original song that's great too. That's all for now. Excited