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    Episode 5 — Sweet Dreams

    Good morning sleeping beauties! How did you sleep last night? Did you have any bad dreams? Did you have any boring fishing dreams? Did you have trouble falling asleep? Stay in your pajamas, make a big cup of coffee and enjoy this dreamy episode of Professor Blastoff featuring clips and songs from Jens Lekman.
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the first ever episode of The Apple Sisters! Candy, Cora, and Seedy are so happy to perform for you for the very first time. Since this is the inaugural episode, we thought we’d have an extra special inaugural guest: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Learn a bit about the girls and their favorite firsts, as well as where they go to get all their discount rubbers. Thanks for joining us, and see you again next week! Buzz buzz buzz
  3. katielevine

    Episode One

    It's the inaugural episode of The Apple Sisters!