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  1. JoshDallasRazo

    Wolf Dead

    That episode was taped on 9/11 so it could have been a plane crash. Too soon?
  2. JoshDallasRazo

    Episode 54 — Osbaldiston!

    The hotline should be named "The Quiznos Toasty Bullet Hotline"
  3. JoshDallasRazo

    Episode 35 — Let\'s Get Outta Here

    New studio I see
  4. JoshDallasRazo

    Earwolf Guest Listing To Non-Earwolf Podcasts

    Oh. Sorry for the typo Shahruz
  5. JoshDallasRazo

    Earwolf Guest Listing To Non-Earwolf Podcasts

    Jeff, I've been using that feature and it's so great. The earwolf app have now become like a on-demand podcast hub. Shahruz, you've out done yourself!
  6. JoshDallasRazo

    Episode 34 — It\'s Pronounced \"RO-bits\"

    Anytime a Bob Evans impression comes up I will listen to a episode 5 times.
  7. JoshDallasRazo

    Episode 115 — The Plug-In Drug

    BEST EPISODE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. JoshDallasRazo

    Episode 115 — The Plug-In Drug

  9. JoshDallasRazo

    Episode 115 — The Plug-In Drug

    YESSSSSSSSSS! Thank you Earwolf!
  10. JoshDallasRazo

    IPhone App 2.0

    The app is great. It's been working well for me after a couple of issues the last couple of weeks. I've been able to play episode in order without it crashing.
  11. JoshDallasRazo

    Episode 51 — This Is How We Do It

    As a big fan of A.V Undercover, it was really cool to hear the covers on The Country.
  12. JoshDallasRazo

    What guest do you want to see?

    Wyatt Cenac Al Madrigal Jesse Thorn Jordan Morris Jon Dore Leo Allen Eric Slovin Amy Poehler Louis C.K Any of the state members who haven't appeared
  13. JoshDallasRazo

    Meeting Up

    Former guest Ted Leo is doing a free show at Millenium Park in Chicago. Is anyone interested in a meet up there?
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHLaYSM0s8M
  15. JoshDallasRazo

    Episode 111 — Hi, How Are You?

    Theorrhea, some other divisive guest are Alan Rickman, Tim Heidecker, and Mike Birbiglia. I love all of these guys, so if that episode comes together I would be overwhelmed with joy.
  16. JoshDallasRazo

    Episode 111 — Hi, How Are You?

    This show was awesome. It took that left turn that I love in my favorite CBB episodes. Also, Scott saying "shut up!" or "shut the fuck up!" is the funniest thing to me.
  17. JoshDallasRazo

    Episode 24 — Who Are Our Superfans?

    I love this! It was a great idea to have super fans on. The episode was rateable and interesting. Also, the fact that people become friends from listening to podcast. I've become internet friends with Caroline Anderson from listening to CBB.
  18. JoshDallasRazo

    Episode 110 - Thumbs Yes!

    All of the t-shirts that were made are awesome.
  19. JoshDallasRazo

    Episode 106.5 — It\'s A Fucking Podcast: Pt. 2

    Well, this is pretty cool