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  1. endoftherebellion

    Episode 50 — @dogboner

    Michael was a joy. I could have listened to him and Jake talk for hours.
  2. endoftherebellion

    Meeting Up

    I never miss Jimmy in Dayton. His once-a-year visits are always a highlight.
  3. endoftherebellion

    Episode 8 — Gelmania VIII: LIVE!

    Too afraid to listen yet. May get put under hypnosis tonight and tackle it.
  4. endoftherebellion

    Episode 16 — 5/25/2012 TWO CHARTED 16

    Right on man! The entire album, and sort of AC's entire discography, instantly takes me to summer. Just a great organic feel to everything they do.
  5. endoftherebellion

    Episode 16 — 5/25/2012 TWO CHARTED 16

    Love Little Dragon. My submission was "Summahtime Clothes" by Animal Collective. Super jam. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxhaRgJUMl8
  6. endoftherebellion

    Episode 29.5 — Minisode 29.5

    Personally, I like Splice, but like with a lot of horror, it's a film that is entirely dependent on the attitude you go into with. If you're ready to pick it a part and discover its insanity, it's there, but when you're on board for a pretty serious film with a fair amount of heavy subject matter, you can get a lot out of it. It raises some questions on relationships and the moral dilemmas associated with modern science, but never goes far enough with them to make it a great film. In the end, it's captivating, but there isn't much that pushes it from being more than slightly above-average. Pretty middle-of-the-road for a HDTGM episode, imo.
  7. endoftherebellion

    Meeting Up

    Seeing Kyle Kinane tomorrow and probably another time this weekend at Go Bananas! in Cincinnati. Anyone else?
  8. endoftherebellion

    Episode 2 — Analyze Phish Episode 2

    @Robin Me either. Looking forward to it going up, though.
  9. endoftherebellion

    Episode 121 — Bro-ing Out

    Absolutely loved the episode. Some of my favorite people ever. More Pardo! Always!
  10. endoftherebellion

    Episode 121 — Bro-ing Out

    Absolutely loved the episode. Some of my favorite people ever. More Pardo! Always!
  11. endoftherebellion

    Episode 37 — Guest Vocalist: Ben Garant

    Really loved the music chart from today! Been hearing better and better music lately. Big Washed Out fan, Battles are great.
  12. endoftherebellion

    Episode 118 — Hologram Toes

    Squealed with excitement when I saw Eddie on today's episode, and then with Patton, I knew there'd be exceptional banter and stuff for EP to work off of. 15 minutes in and loving it.
  13. endoftherebellion

    Episode 4.3 — Recurring Segments: Day 3

    I definitely think the correct decision was made for this week. Brett seemed to be very non-responsive to any and all feedback, and every time the judges or Matt would talk to him it was uncomfortable because of this. He is no doubt talented and with incredible production values, but in a competition where you have to be able to adapt, he simply was unable to.
  14. endoftherebellion

    Meeting Up

    Missed Doug/Graham in Columbus last week. Are you going to see Graham any time this weekend, Rob? I believe he's recording his new album.
  15. endoftherebellion

    Episode 15 — The Back-Up Plan

    I love the new thing that Paul and Scott are doing, leading the intro to the show straight into the theme song. Another great episode and another awful movie!