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    Jimmy Pardo, this coming weekend, Dayton Ohio, Wileys Comedy Club. BE THERE. (I am speaking to no one because no one exists near this city except me.)


    I never miss Jimmy in Dayton. His once-a-year visits are always a highlight.

  2. Personally, I like Splice, but like with a lot of horror, it's a film that is entirely dependent on the attitude you go into with. If you're ready to pick it a part and discover its insanity, it's there, but when you're on board for a pretty serious film with a fair amount of heavy subject matter, you can get a lot out of it. It raises some questions on relationships and the moral dilemmas associated with modern science, but never goes far enough with them to make it a great film.


    In the end, it's captivating, but there isn't much that pushes it from being more than slightly above-average. Pretty middle-of-the-road for a HDTGM episode, imo.

  3. I definitely think the correct decision was made for this week. Brett seemed to be very non-responsive to any and all feedback, and every time the judges or Matt would talk to him it was uncomfortable because of this. He is no doubt talented and with incredible production values, but in a competition where you have to be able to adapt, he simply was unable to.

  4. You sound like every troll they were talking about in the episode.

    I loved the episode. Drew is such a great conversationalist and this is a side of him that we don't get to hear on GitG, so I thought it was a fantastic change and found Kelly to be much more human than I did before listening. She seemed like a delight and it was awesome being a fly on the wall for their chat.

  5. Intuitively, I 100% agree, but that isn't the way she ever says it:

    First 10 seconds. I dunno. Maybe it has just devolved into Craw-Shawn because it's one less annunciation. Prly not a wrong answer + this is for a different forum, haha. Either way, she's awesome.

  6. Loved the episode this week, Jeff. Really great idea by Shahruz and a cool format with you interjecting between, saying what the questions were, etc. Making this maybe a monthly/bi-monthly/semi-regular thing could be awesome. I love hearing what other listeners actually sound like and what they like to compare or contrast against my likes, and hearing their embarrassing stories really made me relate.

    And hearing you monologue was refreshing, too. Like you said, you do a fair amount of talking with guests, but it's certainly a different dynamic when it's just you and a microphone. Really enjoyed that part as well.