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  1. I can see the older episodes, starting with 101, on the website but they aren't populating in the app for me. The oldest ep I can find in the Howl app is the Jon Hamm episode from 2012. Then there are couple more then it starts with 1301. I looked under NeverNotFunny under the Earwolf section as advised but they don't seem to be there. Will it populate on its own or will there be an update or do I need to do anything special? Thanks so much!
  2. MikeLeeTurner

    Episode 2 — Jute Force

    Thank you so much for tackling Cool Wazoo in this weeks "Tanks But No Tanks". It was quite divisive in my house and I will enjoy throwing your final thoughts in my wife's face as she thought it was "sweet" for Lori to help Ginelle out.
  3. MikeLeeTurner

    Episode — Love, Dad

    Hey Barry, I totally get what you're going through. We thought out 5 yr old was just picky when he was 2, but he never grew out of eating his 3 things (pb&j, nuggets, grilled cheese). We've had many fights at the dinner table with him and the rest of our family because of his eating. It has been extremely frustrating and tiresome. We started Food Therapy with him about 4 months ago and it has been awesome. Our pediatrician finally recommended we see a specialist after 2 years of no weight gain and being at 0% on the chart. You might want to see if you child qualifies for some therapy. If not, I'd be more than willing to send you some info of what we've done with him to get him to eat new foods and more quantity. Some of the exercises and steps are pretty easy and we've been really happy with the results. (He's currently eating scrambled eggs for breakfast which would have been unthinkable 4 months ago). Good luck!
  4. MikeLeeTurner

    Episode 44 — Toilet Full of Scary

    Anyone know how to connect to Heubel Gooding, Jr.: Life Coach? I sure could use some support from a gigantic celebrity to improve my life! Please...Anyone?...
  5. MikeLeeTurner

    Episode 2 — Analyze Phish Episode 2

    Oh, and Scott, Stay Strong on Oasis. You're correct to place them in your top 10.
  6. MikeLeeTurner

    Episode 2 — Analyze Phish Episode 2

    I'm afraid the challenge is over here. I think Scott has heard enough of the Phish catalogue that he will never, ever, like them as a band. I think the new challenge should just be to find a SONG that Scott really likes. I highly doubt one song is going to turn Scott onto the band and their entire catalogue.
  7. MikeLeeTurner

    Episode 125 — Wine in the Whirlpool

    I'm really enjoying the live music interludes. Its great to hear the musicians in the studio. Never heard of Dan Mangan but I'm sure glad I know who he is now! Great ep as always.
  8. MikeLeeTurner

    Episode 62 — What The Heck?

    What happened to the Brody Stevens episode? I thought I saw in the email last week that he was the guest. Not that I'm complaining about Marc Maron, but I was psyched for some Steven Brody Stevens!
  9. As soon as Bob said "Mince Meat" I completely lost it. So funny.
  10. MikeLeeTurner

    Episode 124 — Bro-ing Out Pt Deux

    I don't know about your guys, but when I think of Bro-ing out, I immediately think of Todd Barry. Great episode!! Matthew Sweet was fantastic.
  11. MikeLeeTurner

    Episode 61 — A Tale of Two Griffins

    What's a "Cher"?
  12. MikeLeeTurner

    Episode 34 — Who Is Peter Kafka?

    I thought the Jam Band analogy was an interesting one. I can see Earwolf as a "niche provider" but I think it has much more potential than Jam Bands do in the long run since there is much more variety in the programming. Great guest and conversation as always!
  13. MikeLeeTurner

    Episode 33 — Who Runs Funny or Die?

    Fantastic interview Jeff. It was great to hear how much respect there was for Earwolf from Funny or Die staffers. Congrats on the partnership and I look forward to seeing Q-codes on all the new t-shirts soon!
  14. MikeLeeTurner

    Episode 33 — Who Runs Funny or Die?

    Fantastic interview Jeff. It was great to hear how much respect there was for Earwolf from Funny or Die staffers. Congrats on the partnership and I look forward to seeing Q-codes on all the new t-shirts soon!
  15. MikeLeeTurner

    Episode 9.2 — Time Crunch: Day 2

    Holy Cow! I just got done listening to the episode as I've been busy all day and then came to the forum to see what others thought. Again, Holy Cow! . While I disagreed with the judge's assessment of the segments, finding LHR to be funny and laughing out loud at parts of TLDDC, I'm not sure I share the anger that some folks have here about the judging this week. Part of what I enjoy about the Earwolf Challenge is forming my opinions and comparing them with what the judges think. Its the same reason I watch any reality show on television. Its FUN to disagree with people who supposedly know more than I do! I love getting annoyed at the Top Chef or Project Runway judges and thinking of the things I would have done differently as a judge. . What makes Earwolf (as an entity) fantastic, is that it is willing to put itself, its shows, and its personalities out there for us all to comment on. I think its cool of a company to be so open with its processes and people. I'm afraid that since we have this shiny new toy we feel like we need to beat the hell out of it until it becomes like every other crappy thing we see on the Internet. Let's all take a step back and remember that this is SEASON ONE of the Challenge and the first podcast of its kind anywhere AND Earwolf is only in its first year as a podcasting company. There will be learning pains as with any new entity and show and it will improve its standards and practices over its course of existence. . What I would hate to see is the nitpicking about small things turn off Matt Besser or others from being involved in the future. It pains me every time one of the contestants says something along the lines of "I check out the forums when I get to feeling too good about myself". While I do NOT think we need to be positive about everything, we need to be respectful of the time and energy the folks at Earwolf, the guests, and the judges are putting in and at least try to keep it civil. . That being said... If you all eliminate Left Handed Radio... I will come to L.A. and take you all out like Arnold in Commando.