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  1. Brendan

    Episode 111.5 β€” 1/18/13 TWO CHARTED 50

    I went to comedycentral.com and searched for Howard, here's the link if you're lazy: http://www.comedycentral.com/search?keywords=howard+kremer
  2. Brendan

    Episode 8 β€” The Survivors

    "Don't forget Gerry!" Those words in the intro take on new meaning this week...
  3. Brendan

    Episode 194 β€” Me Gusta Characters!

    I just got to the part with Chelsea talking about drinking a Naked Green Machine smoothy, which I just tried for the first time this morning. I could only drink half too, because I could taste that "odorless" garlic. That story didn't help me any.
  4. Brendan

    Episode 110.5 β€” 1/11/13 TWO CHARTED 49

    I just started listening, but I noticed from the start that this ep is in stereo, usually the eps are mono, which I assume is to make the download smaller. But I figured the switch to stereo was because of the DBS taste. I'd actually prefer it if every ep was stereo, since music is such a big part of the show. It just sounds better, especially Howard's themes, they pop more.
  5. C'mon, Besser, you can't at least half-ass an Obama impression?
  6. Brendan

    Episode 7 β€” Follow the Whispers

  7. Brendan

    Episode 86 β€” Conspiracies

    I thought the same thing, though it did get better, specifically when Janine went along with Kyle's "it calms her heart" character and made him her dad. I still enjoyed the episode and Janine, though, but it was a little more intense than usual. But the good thing about Janine not being online is that we can say anything we want about her and she'll never know. Like that she has a necklace made of babies' toes.
  8. Brendan

    Episode 7 β€” Follow the Whispers

    The current episode isn't showing up via RSS in my feed, anyone else having this problem? I got the latest ep of Who Charted, which also dropped today, so it seems like it's just Nerd Poker that hasn't updated.
  9. Brendan

    Episode 109.5 β€” 1/4/13 TWO CHARTED 48

    Thanks. confirmed it's updated! Though no pics from this ep, guess that's on the Who Charted crew.
  10. Brendan

    Episode 109.5 β€” 1/4/13 TWO CHARTED 48

    Site isn't updated for me today. I download podcasts through an app, so I have the current Two Charted, but I don't see it anywhere on the earwolf site, and it doesn't look like anything else has been updated for Friday either. Technical snafu or sombody taking the day off? Fix it quick please, I want to see a pic of the monkey Ku gave to Howie!
  11. Brendan

    Episode 6 β€” Swim Toward The Light

    Here's a few suggestions for the "crazy shit that happened in old adventures" segment name, though I wish I knew some D&D terms to make bad puns off of. - Glory Rolls (bad pun on glory holes, in case you couldn't tell) - Perception Bonus - Buenos Botches - Fables of Fail and Furor - Dice Rolls & Ice Holes (of Yore) - Roll Again
  12. I think "Nice AIDS!" would make a good companion t-shirt to "Cool Beer."
  13. Brendan

    Episode 108 β€” Jersey Brawls

    I can never get enough Jessica St Clair! Also, Howard needs to wear his "Escapee" costume for sure. I'm also hoping Kulap can dress as her DC comics alter-ego "Katharsis" and they can become a new crime-fighting duo.
  14. Brendan

    Episode 83 β€” Mayans

    I think I know less about the Mayans now than I did before listening. Thanks Professor Blastoff!
  15. Brendan

    Episode 107 β€” Rock Your Brody

    Interesting to hear Brody turn the tables on Howard! I also saw his HBO Go series and enjoyed it (yes!). By the way, please watch it via HBO Go instead of on the YouTube link posted above. I'm sure it would help Brody more to watch it through legitimate means, and it could lead to additional deals for him with HBO. Also, Howard may have heard of brine shrimp because that's what Sea Monkeys were.
  16. I just noticed something similar on Best Friends Forever, I think it was the 4th episode, Jessica refers to an old classmate named Eric Wompler. She must really like the name (can't blame her)! She also referred to him as Womplestiltskin, which I don't believe has been used as a nickname for Marissa yet.
  17. @MattCameron, I agree. I remember Matt Besser saying how good that trio was and that he wanted to have them back on together. Hasn't happened yet, but I understand Jessica & Lennon are currently busy writing something, so I just appreciate that they were able to make time fire the Womptacular. Just a thought, but I would have thought "The Wampa" would have been a better nickname than "Wompstache" for someone so hairy. Although, Marissa's Wompstaches would be great for the Earwolf store, along with Tig Wigs, should those ever happen. It goes without saying, but this show was hilarious from start to finish! And I wanted to mention that I know the song "Popcorn" that Scott started singing, from out of nowhere, and it was an hilariously accurate rendition!
  18. Brendan

    Episode 106.5 β€” 12/14/12 TWO CHARTED 45

    One problem I foresee with Isolunch, it seems like it'd turn into a place where dudes go to jerk off.
  19. Yes! Been waiting for this, I haven't listened yet, but I assume this will be one podcast that I never delete! Makes me wasn't to archive the other Wompler appearances too. I've also been watching Best Friends Forever, so good, you can watch all the episodes (including the unaired ones) on hulu and NBC.com. Definitely check it out if you haven't already.
  20. Brendan

    Episode 106 β€” Alpaca Dinghy

    Amazing show! Howard has to be the only person ever who can say Weird Al Yankovic cut his hair! Not to mention that he also wore the clippings as fake mustache! Here's a suggestion for a parody Al could do of his own song: Tweet It, a parody of Eat It #topical.
  21. Brendan

    Episode 82 β€” Voice

    Another great ep! This one was about elephants right? I wasn't sure if Kyle was just joking, but ADR actually stands for Automated (or Automatic) Dialog Replacement, or sometimes Additional Dialog Recording.
  22. Brendan

    Episode 105.5 β€” 12/7/12 TWO CHARTED 44

    I like how Kulap ended the show by basically distracting Howard with a shiny object. I do agree with Howard, but even though the chart was shit, the comedy that resulted from it was anything but!
  23. Brendan

    Episode 104 β€” Hardwickipedia

    I should clarify my last post: I'm not saying Chris Hardwick isn't deserving of that many fans, just that I was surprised by the number of followers. Alhough, if you think about all he's got going on, it makes sense.
  24. Brendan

    Episode 104 β€” Hardwickipedia

    I regard to the comments about Chris Hardwick, I was surprised that he has 1.7 million Twitter followers.Then I found out that Daniel Tosh has 7.2 million followers and I was sad.
  25. Brendan

    Episode 104 β€” Hardwickipedia

    "Some Nights" by fun. also sounds exactly like "Cecilia" by Simon & Garfunkle. It's so similar, I can't believe it wasn't intentional.