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  1. I just wanted to suggest reorganizing the "shows" page here on Earwolf. There's obviously a few podcasts that aren't making new episodes, so it might be better to move their listings into a different section of the page, maybe under the heading "Earwolf classics" or something that would differentiate them from the current shows.

    If not, then I'd suggest changing the show description to reflecthe new versus old shows. I noticed Affirmation Nation still says it comes out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Anyway, just a minor suggestion.


    <EDIT> OK, I'm kind of dumb. I see now there actually is an "Earwolf Classics" section, but only in the forums. The "shows" page could also use this.

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  2. NNF has been my favorite non Earwolf podcast (possibly my favorite podcast, period), so I'm thrilled it has joined the Earwolf family! I'm ashamed to admit that I've only listened to the free feed. I've balked on getting the Primo subscription due to several factors, including a lack of funds and a lack of reliable internet (I'm working out of the US right now). Even though I don't have good enough internet to watch streaming video, I'm still thinking of joining the Player's Club, for the t-shirt, of course, but also to support the show. This podcast has given me so much enjoyment over the last couple years that I want to support it.

  3. The full couplet is: "227 is a comedy/About Marla Gibbs and her family."

    You are correct, except I believe it was "starring Marla Gibbs and her family." I don't remember if there was a middle line, but I think the end of the promotional rap was, "227 is the place to be, Saturday nights on NBC."

    Like Scott, I also don't know why I remembered that all these years. I guess that's a testament to whoever wrote that shitty promo.

  4. Hope my previous post didn't sound too snarky, just making an easy joke. I know we all tend to use words like "like" or say "umm" when talking, it's a hard habit to break, especially when put in a recorded interview situation, so no offense intended to Daniel.


    Edit: as I listen to the show, I wonder if it was completely legal for Daniel to appear on the show without his parents permission? The questions got kind of personal, though I know Daniel kind of initiated it. I honestly don't know if there is any laws of this kind that can be attributed to podcasts, so I'm just throwing the question out there.

  5. @flatulant fashion figure: I don't think the audience sounded as bad as you say. For one thing, the audience wasn't miked very well. But also, as Tig pointed out repeatedly, there were a lot of inside jokes and a lot of the audience had never heard the podcast before. So that can take someone out of the performance right away, even when things that don't require that frame of reference come up.


    I think not having a real topic or a guest made it a little unfocused too. Not that they didn't do a good show, but there were lulls where it seemed like no one was sure where to go next.


    And, not to be cruel, but Aaron's stand-up act was not that strong, so I think it's unfair to blame the audience for him "bombing," which I wouldn't even say was totally true.


    So I hope I'm not sounding too critical of the Blastoff crew, I liked the episode and thought it was funny but I wanted to address those points.

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  6. How does Kyle not have anything to sell? He has at least one album that I know of, I found it on iTunes and cdbaby, so there's even physical copies he could sell. I forget if he's promoted it on the show before, so I don't know if there's a reason why he wouldn't promote it (like maybe he doesn't get any of the profits for some reason). Anyway, either Kyle needs to promote himself better or get a new album together.


    Also, did anyone else think audience member Travis sounded like he could be Aaron's older brother?

  7. I really though it was the real Sarah Silverman until I saw she wasn't a guest! I wasn't really listening at the top of the show when Scott did the intro. She did sound a little more shout-y than the real Sarah, but that's obviously intentional as part of the caricature. Great job by Amy Phillips!


    About the videos, I was looking for them too, especially the who charted. I had actually saved the YouTube vid shortly after it was on because I missed the live feed, but the video was missing a good chunk of the beginning, and started in the middle of one of the charts, so I was hoping for a complete version.


    Maybe they don't have a full version, so that's why it isn't available. Or maybe these particular live episodes are being saved for release as future podcasts, and they want to release the audio and video at the same time.

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  8. Anyone else assume the girl Matt was dating in the wedding story was Amy Poehler? It probably wasn't, but I know they dated, and it's easy for me to imagine her mocking those fireworks.


    (I tried to post this earlier, but since it's not on here, I don't know if it didn't post due to a technical problem or if it was removed for some reason by the admins. Like maybe it's not something Matt wants posted, even if it's not true. So I'm reposting, In case it was a technical problem, but if it gets removed, I understand. )

  9. I love Back to the Future, but it's always bugged me that Marty's solo during Johnny B. Goode was supposed to be too hip & 80s for the 50s crowd, when really it sucked because he started playing in a completely different key, tempo and style than the rest of the band. It's as bad as if a band playied Happy Birthday, but the guitar player starting arbitrarily playing something else, like the guitar solo from Beat It.