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  1. williamstiteler

    Episode 177 — Penises Abounding

  2. williamstiteler

    Episode 3 — Gelmania III

    Muahhhh *kisses to the sky*!!! Great-a comedy-a!!!!
  3. williamstiteler

    Episode 1.1 — Meet the Podcasts: Day 1

    I'll be listening, very cool.
  4. williamstiteler

    Episode 29 — Rascal Flatt-lining

    Awww, Howard is powerless without Kulap! That shows they are the perfect team. #greatjob
  5. williamstiteler

    Episode 8 - Evolution

    holy cowabunga, that riddle bit KILLED ME. so so funny guys, more professors.
  6. williamstiteler

    Episode 6 — DNA

    this episode got me hooked, playing humor off of scientists is genius. keep it coming!
  7. williamstiteler

    Episode 27 — Abandon Sex!

    Can I interest you in a round of darts? Where your dart lands that's our chart. Toss it soft of launch it har'. Chart... darts. *snoopy dance*
  8. williamstiteler

    Episode 5 — Sweet Dreams

    Jens Lekman is one of those rare artists who doesn't have a single bad song. Enjoyed this episode a lot, keep up the good work.