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    Hey! People actually posted on this thread! Chris Taylor contacted us and started a Face Book page for shows listed on the YourCast page called "Your Cast United". https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yourcast-United/266495473390994 Go check it out and like it! Chris is trying to get fellow podcasters on this listing to promote each others shows. It's a great idea and I think we should all be a part of it. I almost gave up on this thread, so I hope people keep posting on it, and I'll check back more often. -Mark www.deliciousmediocrity.com deliciousmediocrity@gmail.com
  2. Delicious Mediocrity


    So, what ever small boost in DLs I got from this listing seems to have died off after a couple days. Gonna see if I can change my clip and show description and see if that helps. I think it would also help if the podcast listing rotated so that the podcasts that signed up later on will not always be stuck down at the bottom of the page. Also, if there were more links on the home page, like a banner ad that shows the logo of a featured podcast that links back to the listings. Just something more eye catching and attractive than a small grey tab in the menu bar. Hopefully someone else will comment on this thread so that I will not have to continue talking to myself. Mark
  3. Delicious Mediocrity

    Episode 6.3 — Sketches: Day 3

    Yes, TL had the worst performance, but the premise was sound and they are not sketch performers. The Fort had a better performance, but the sketch made a hard left turn into making fun of a rape victim. The Fort is capable of waaayyy better than their submission this week. Totally Laime , for at least the time being, was not. I think the right choice was made.
  4. Delicious Mediocrity


    Just added our podcast to the "YOURCAST" page yesterday with the $5 a month deal. I have noticed a little bump in downloads in the last 24 hours (maybe 100+/-). Which is not substantial, but not bad for $5 a month. I was just wondering if any other podcasts have had similar results or better? Have you noticed if your listing has provided a consistent stream of new traffic? Did you get better results from getting one of the more expensive deals? Thanks, Mark
  5. Delicious Mediocrity

    Episode 6.2 — Sketches: Day 2

    I love The Fort, but that was a really bad song choice on their part. I think most comics will agree that you do NOT tell rape jokes in a comedy competition. If even one of the judges was mildly offended by that sketch then I think it could give TL enough wiggle room to make it to the next challenge. Regardless, I will be seriously sad if either one of these shows get cut....I am way to emotionally involved in this podcast.
  6. Delicious Mediocrity

    Episode 6.1 — Sketches: Day 1

    I like how the producer read the description of the challenge that was sent to the contestants. I wish you guys would do that at the top of every show along with the criteria for how each clip will be judged for that specific challenge. I know that Matt and the producers touch on the criteria for how each clip will be judged through out the show, but it's never really stated clearly.
  7. Delicious Mediocrity

    Episode 5.3 — Using the Guest: Day 3

    I agree that the Challenge's format it's self needs to be tightened up a bit. Each challenge needs to be defined in detail before hand as well as the criteria for how the clip will be judged. Also, the judges need to be given a brief synopsis of what each podcast is about. I think just doing these simple things will help the contest go smoothly and make it an easier listening experience for the listener. Basically, this podcast needs to take some of it's own advice here and there. However, even with it's flaws I am really enjoying the show and I feel that the weakest submission was voted off every week.
  8. Delicious Mediocrity

    Episode 25 — Who Is The Nerdist?

    Great episode!