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  1. DustinMartian

    Episode 31 — April Fools!

    I, like time & space, am non-linear. No podcast can ecscape my loving embrace.
  2. DustinMartian

    Neil Hamburger - Death metal band frontman?

    I am very good friends with Gregg Turkington and his wife Simone Turkington. I was very pleased to see this post! Gregg has an amazing life story and is easily one of the best comedians on Earth right now. I'd like to record his memoirs... Check out Simone Turkington's podcast "Dongtini" http://dongtini.com/ Gregg and Simone have put me in the same room as Radiohead TWICE in the last month. And on the way home from Radiohead the other night, Simone played me some Mr. Bungle. They are the finest people on Earth.
  3. DustinMartian

    Episode 154 — Finger Guns

    It looks like Libsyn's player is under maintenance but as of right now the streaming player is working fine!
  4. DustinMartian


    Let's do a Howard Stern 'Private Parts' scenerio. Let me know when you have a proper speaker set up.
  5. DustinMartian

    Episode 70 — Daddy Issues

    Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball
  6. DustinMartian

    Episode 33.5 — Minisode 33.5

    We love Lennon and Jessica. UCB performers getting a t.v show? We are a community that supports each other. All the negativity is misguided and lame. Their upcoming episode next week is going to make all of you trolls eat their heart out!
  7. DustinMartian

    3/23/12 TWO CHARTED 7

    Weird glitch in the matrix! Sorry folks, the thread has been fixed. Shower us with your praise!
  8. DustinMartian

    3/23/12 TWO CHARTED 7

    It's all about Austin in this post-SXSW Two Charted! From barbecue to The Boss, both Howard and Kulap are using their charts to celebrate the movies, concerts, and cab drivers who made this year's festival memorable! If you haven't checked out DJ Intervention yet, , and join us next week on Who Charted?!
  9. DustinMartian

    Episode 47 — Samari

    Spell check didn't catch 'samari'. I work a lot and have to go fast sometimes. This isn't all fun and games over here. Please forgive me?
  10. Smash you DVR. Smash the state.
  11. DustinMartian

    Episode 67 — I'm Lovin' It

    Uhh, Friday's 'Two Charted' takes Reds to a whole nother level. I highly suggest everyone listen.
  12. DustinMartian

    Episode 67 — I'm Lovin' It

    Episode pictures are up!
  13. DustinMartian

    Episode 67 — I'm Lovin' It

    If your mp3 has a distortion or has a poor sound, please try deleting the the file and redownloading. Also, show pictures will be posted tomorrow afternoon. I'm sick you guys. Cut me some slack. Thanks!
  14. DustinMartian

    Episode 148 — Wipeout!

    The day after this was recorded I saw Andy Daly and he is very aware of the characters he forgot to include. I'd say he did pretty well for being put on the spot. Hope you guys enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed making it.
  15. DustinMartian

    Episode 5 — 3/9/12 TWO CHARTED

    Everyone tell everyone this. Start a facebook fan page please.