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    Cool As Ice

    I've seen many a bad film in my day, and there are a lot of films that compete for the title of "worst film ever." 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' is most frequently cited as the 'Citizen Kane' of bad movies, but in my opinion, that was easily Ed Wood's best film. The worst I've ever seen is 'Turkish Star Wars.' You know how people say, "so bad it's good?" Well 'Turkish Star Wars' is so bad, it's just really bad. No redeeming value there. I would recommend the Vanilla Ice vehicle 'Cool As Ice.' It is probably the worst film I have ever seen that is still worth watching. It is GODAWFUL, but there are some quality laughs provided by its artistic abhorrence.
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    Shitty Pun

    General Earwolf, eh? So you guys are branching into the military now too? (Please accept my sincere apologies for starting this topic).
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    Project Tippy-Toe

    Hello Earwolves, I was wondering if you have finished reviewing the Project Tippy-Toe applications. I'm working on an episode and am curious as to whether or not it will be part of the process. Cheers, Mike.
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    What guest do you want to see?

    Maria Bamford! She was terrific as Jazz with Paul Gilmartin in episode 5 (hosted by Jimmy Pardo) but she's never been back.
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    Project Tippy-Toe

    Is there a way for me to delete this thread?
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    When did you lose your Sklar-ginity?

    I have listened to every Earwolf show from episode #1 onward. I began listening to 'Comedy Death Ray' at some point in 2009, probably 15-20 episodes in, but I was a diehard fan of it when Earwolf was born and have loyally listened to each of its children from inception onward.
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    Bit about Car Wash with swords, shoes, bongs...

    Wasn't that on the most recent episode, #47? I think they talked about that incident in the current episode.
  8. fofe84

    Meeting Up

    I live in Toronto and would love to meet up with fellow Earwolves!
  9. fofe84

    Episode 79 — June 17, 2011

    On iTunes, this episode begins playing, plays for five seconds, then stops. I don't know if the problem is on my end or not.
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    Episode 3 — Guided Meditation

    I imagined a large, hairy gay man.
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    Are we going to get more?

    I also can't wait for more Mike Detective! It seems like it's a real bitch to write, though, what with the joke-or-two-per-second pace. A superb podcast!
  13. fofe84

    Episode 25 — Git \'er Done

    Like Drew, I'd definitely get into heroin.
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    One Star iTunes Reviews

    Are the reviews different if I'm using the Canadian iTunes store? I only see 5-star reviews. Edit: Hey, it says I'm inactive under my name. I know I'm currently unemployed, but come on, guys!