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    Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and Ron Richards of iFanboy.com.


    These individuals run a website that was started out of their love of comic books. They've since become a legitimate part of the comic book industry through their reporting and opinion articles. In addition, they have a long running Pick of the Week podcast that has over 300 episodes attributed to its name (By my calculations they've been podcasting since 2006). Also, they put out a video podcast, that is different from their audio PotW podcast, that has accumulated nearly 250 episodes.


    They've had a rich past with the harnessing of user donations, advertising, and partnered with the likes of Revision3 and, currently, Graphicly. Adding in their strong fan-base and forums, I believe that these 3, or even 1, would make a great interview and could teach Jeff beautifully.


    Unfortunately, I've no affiliation with Josh, Conor, or Ron, but I do know that they are responsive when emailed.



    Seriously, Jeff. Make it happen.

  2. I'm using the latest version of Firefox and for some reason the clips on the site aren't working for me. The clips work when I use Internet Explorer but not in Firefox. Any idea what's wrong?

  3. Great show! Good idea having fans on and hopefully there will be more fan episodes. I totally agree with Jeff mentioning that getting hosts involved in the forums or site is important to its success. I'm not suggesting that hosts live on the forums, they're busy and I think most people here understand, but just a short something would go a long way.