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  1. Germ

    Episode 127 — Luck

    annoying guest. i know, free podcast.
  2. I can't decide if Scott dressed up for Erinn or Paul...
  3. Germ

    Episode 51 — Death of the Party

    2 Points: 1) I agree with Chris's ^ point about the guest not knowing about the last chart, it was fun. 2) It's sad that Howard had to censor a moment because he was worried about the sponsors, I listed to podcasts so I can hear people talk unfiltered- unlike on all of the horribly bland corporatized shit on TV. I can see Earwolf becoming the "corporate podcast network" that everyone talks shit about as the content gets more and more watered down.
  4. Germ

    Episode 29 — Atheism

    Most atheists acknowledge the possibility of deistic intelligence but believe that the evidence is so strong against it they can confidently assert that there are no gods. It's like a scientific theory, it's never fully proven but there can be enough evidence for you to feel comfortable drawing a conclusion. Edit: On another note, it would have been nice to have someone with a bit more expertise, like a representative from a local atheist chapter of a national organization. Marty did a fine job for a layman, but having someone who's made it their job to talk about atheism would've been even better.
  5. Germ

    Episode 91 — GHOSTS!

    Rachel was a decent guest but the ghost talk is pretty juvenile. Also it costs more tax dollars to kill a prisoner than it does to keep them incarcerated...
  6. Germ

    Elizabeth On Jordan Jesse Go!

    Wow very cool, JJGO is excellent this should be good.
  7. Germ

    Episode 15 — Obesity

    Great episode, the show has really grown on me! I also think PHD students are a good fit for the show's mix of humor of insight.
  8. Germ

    Episode 1 — Analyze Phish

    Holy shit someone else likes Spacehog! The Chinese Album is one of the most underrated albums ever!