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  1. nothingshortofanattack

    Episode 63 โ€” Relationships

    When I first listended to Tig's comedy I laughed SO much, which made me listen to this podcast. Now a year later it's part of my weekly routine to listen to this group of people having fun. All of you guys are great, and I wish Tig all the best!
  2. nothingshortofanattack

    Episode 49 โ€” Perception Pt. 1

    It's great to hear the guys, and their rampant mysoginy,even so... I really hope Tig is doing well and we can hear the whole gang together again! In the meanwhile, to all the Profesor Blastoff fan I say: 'Beep Boob Boop Boop'
  3. nothingshortofanattack

    Episode 44 โ€” Kung Fu

    And now a translation of Kyle's riddle! (words in parenthesis not actual words... sorry Kyle) The.(arbros).. in the schools where school (pantos) but I do not need the greasy one you paint and how many and (pertras nostros) It's enough for me to ... little scandals And it paints, (cuita, panto) I (Piertros) wednesdays, And when and little schools! Points! Points! and who sings NOT ME!! And the skeleton where (piatas) And the burguers in the bus! Pitas, jejejeee... who doesn't? Fanta Lime... Goodbye Gringos! And yes... adios gringos, los saludo desde Polonia!
  4. nothingshortofanattack

    Episode 44 โ€” Kung Fu

    Hi guys! Big fan of the show, just wrote to tell you that this is my favorite podcast. Being from Mexico I've recently moved to Poland to teach English and your show is a big comfort during this transition period, listening to you guys always make me laugh out loud and, well, I just wanted to say thanks! And now... a Spanish riddle! Los misterios de la ciencia a veces nos confunde ยฟPor que un barco flota? ยฟPor que el plomo se unde? Pero hay grandes pensadores que pueden ayudarnos Tig con Swamp Rock jamas podra fallarnos! ... ... ... ... David! con mente racional todo le interesa ... Y el valiente Kyle... siempre nos da sorpresas.
  5. nothingshortofanattack

    Episode 39 โ€” Free For All: NTK

    El perro no estรก en nosotros!
  6. nothingshortofanattack

    Episode 1 โ€” All You Have is a Hammer

    That dame sure sounded like the Squirrel Nut Zippers breakthrough album... Hot!
  7. nothingshortofanattack

    Episode 16 โ€” Linguistics

    As an English teacher I feasably COULD loose a job for using a double negative, you
  8. nothingshortofanattack

    Episode 57 โ€” A Buttery, Juicy Episode

    I wish he would make another appearance I laughed so much and my friend and I are always imitating him when describing food... which is a perfectly normal thing to do...
  9. nothingshortofanattack

    Episode 13 โ€” Computers

    Hi guys, Everytime I hear Kyle's rhymes I burst out laughing at the office, Tig is great as the stern mom and maybe Dave shouldn't wear two bluetooth head sets at all times, could get kinda un-hygenic. Oh and Aaron was a fun guest. Can I make an observation? The episode on Evolution where you had Dr. Martin Cohen as the guest I thought was pretty great because he had a very good sense of humor about you guys just goofing around and poking fun at his explanations, it reminded me of being in class and joking with friends. What worked for me was playing it straight while letting you guys make fun.
  10. nothingshortofanattack

    Episode 1 โ€” Multiple Personality Disorder

    Hey there! Just wanted to say I really, really like the show. I find your conversations both interesting and funny as heck. I've listened to every episode and I look forward to every monday cause of your podcast. It helps me compartmentalize my thoughts in the topics you discuss, and so forth. Um yeah, ok, see ya!