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  1. The project that earned Lindsay Lohan 2 razzies for worst actress!
  2. pig nash

    Are we going to get more?

    I can't wait for more hilarious analogies if/when we get them.
  3. pig nash

    Episode 96.5 β€” Sklarbro County 1

    Awesome bite sized episode guys! Great for a drive to work when I can't get a whole Country in.
  4. pig nash

    Episode 17 β€” Positive Energy YES!

    Just listened to this one, I'm working my way to the present day. I think I liked this one even more than the first Brody episode. Your energy together is so POSITIVE! YES!
  5. Love the sponsor episodes. We should have one of these a week.
  6. (and Sklarbro) just rearranged a bunch of the episodes without numbers and I can't tell which ones I have/haven't listened to anymore. Is this going to go back to normal. Who Charted? looks to be the same as it was, why did the CBB feed mess up?
  7. I still like this podcast, but it hasn't been as active for a few weeks. Steve Agee and Tom Lennon seem to have quit, and they did a lot of the funny stuff. Do they not get enough feedback that we like it? What can we do to encourage everybody to submit more?