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  1. icunurok

    Episode 153 — Older Jewish Women

    Excellent episode! I think that Ronna & Beverly have a new listener ... if only they could convince their friends to make some more "Real Housewives of South Boston" then I'd be wicked happy.
  2. icunurok

    Episode 91 — The Sembello Pull

    Brothers Sklar, don't shy away from international (i.e. non-Canadian) shows. Make it a goal for yourself and come on over! Build a set around your material that transcends borders (obviously people won't get NFL, NHL or NCAA references) and follow Jordan's advice about how the Dutch crowds really can get American comedy. Living next door in Belgium for the last five years, I'd say don't rely on the weed humor too much since Amsterdam is as much the Netherlands as NYC is the USA: an important part, but not reflective of society as a whole. Making fun of the neighbors though (i.e. Brits are all alcoholics, the French are rude, the Italians loud, etc.) does play very well. The most popular postcards for Europeans in Brussels (capital of European Union) are ones that poke fun at all the nationalities. If you're going to go down the sports route (building on material from the podcasts), everyone loves going after soccer players (Ashley Cole shooting an intern in the locker room), cyclists and crazy rugby players. You've got anglophone expats and locals who'd love to see you live. Check out people like Standup World who book English-speaking acts for European audiences. Come entertain us in "Euro Sklarbro Country" and keep up the excellent work on the podcast!
  3. I'm a dope ... I just posted the same thing without scrolling down and seeing your post first.
  4. I woke up on a Saturday morning to mentions of Henderson and Canadian Olympic hockey on the BBC World Service. Thought you guys would appreciate hearing directly from Mr. Henderson in this 9 minute long interview. Plus you've got a few new audio clips of "Henderson!" http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00lt5r6