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  1. Hey, guys! Since Bill's story in this episode was so much fun, there might be more "Your Best Story" segments in the future! You can email YOUR story by sending a 2-3 minute audio file to Improv4Humans (at) Earwolf (dot) com A few might even be asked to be call in guests on future live stream episodes! Can't wait to hear them!
  2. Julia

    Episode 201 β€” End Scene

    Just added! Here's the pic that Jon took of Scott:
  3. This episode rocked SO hard! I'm a huge Tenacious D and Jack Black fan! I really hope Jack becomes a familiar resident of the calming shores, because this was fantastic! Then it ends with even more rock... Joe Walsh?! This is one of my favorite Sklarbro Country episodes EVER!
  4. Julia

    Episode 200 β€” Halfway To China

    Hey, everyone! Here's the full video of today's episode. SEE the magic unfold:
  5. That's how everyone greets him, so he's used to it.
  6. Julia

    Comedy Bang Bang TV, season Two!!

    Johnny, do your wishes always come true?! If so, I'm sending you some for me ASAP!
  7. The episode is now up on iTunes! Enjoy!
  8. Ouch, that was a harsh '90s edish* (*edition) of Tanks But No Tanks. The sharks were so mean to that guy! I guess Wake'n Bacon won't be making him Sixpence None the Richer.
  9. I just want to know what changed the fifth time that made him say "Yes!" and then commit so hard to those crazy monologues.
  10. Julia

    Episode 198 β€” Aren't You Glad

    You should listen to Adomian's Who Charted episode! It's full of fun comedian impressions, including Todd Glass & Eddie Pepitone! So much fun for the stand-up fans out there!
  11. I know there's been a lot of news stories on the thread, but this one jumped out at me... There's the short version that appeared on news reports, and the longer interview with the hero hitchhiker. (The end of the full interview is so sad! Poor Kai.) News story version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VA2TCVxotFc Full interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Y7i1ASCS5o
  12. Julia

    Episode 198 β€” Aren't You Glad

    Hi, guys! The full video episode will be posted to YouTube.com/Earwolf soon! Also, we were aware and very bummed about the buffering issue in the first segment of Thursday night's live stream. The good news is, the video crew figured out what caused it, and fixed it! This is something new for Earwolf, so we really appreciate everyone's patience and support on this! P.S. Getting live fan questions was super fun! Let us know if you have any other ideas of how we can get fan participation on our other upcoming live streaming shows!
  13. I feel like I only catch the part of this movie with Pacino's speech every time it's on TV. It seems like everyone who yells out one-sided conversations on crowded subways has it memorized word-for-word.
  14. Julia

    Episode 14 β€” I Love Pizza

    I think Sean and Hayes are tracking down and befriending their favorite reality show competitors in order to create some sort of super squad of reality ruffians.
  15. Wow, most epic Florida news story ever!
  16. Julia

    Episode 156 β€” Best Of Year Three!

    Congrats on three great years!
  17. Julia

    Episode 197 β€” Please Claire-ify

    Oh, it will be very special!
  18. Julia

    Where is Episode 3?

    Owen & TJ is a monthly podcast, though it's flexible with our hosts and guests schedules, so they can bring us all the best episodes possible! I'm sure our patience will be rewarded with some epic tales of what's new in J-Ville!
  19. Julia

    Episode 197 β€” Please Claire-ify

    Hey, folks! You can subscribe to the Earwolf YouTube channel to easily find our new video episodes. We'll be broadcasting a live Earwolf episode every Thursday night at 9pm ET/6pm PST (Comedy Bang Bang, Who Charted, and more) there! Plus, ! It's so much fun to see Paul Rust make eye contact with the camera for New No-Nos, and to see how much Bill Cosby-Bukowski fucking loves Capri Sun. Enjoy!
  20. Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David admits he never would’ve agreed to this sort of malarky had Garlin not been such a close friend. Luckily for us, the magnetic misanthrope plays nicely with others, participating in audience games and revealing deep convictions without reservation. During this off-the-cuff chat, we learn why Larry 1. would prefer to do crossword puzzles than voluntarily listen to music, 2. feels nervous at a dinner table of 12, and 3. is overly strategic in the gifting of old shirts. And you won’t believe the one mundane thing that Larry has never before done in his life. (Photos by: Lincoln Andrew DeFer)
  21. Was Garlin wearing a Phillies cap?! Awesome! Also, this was an amazing Huell appearance! It made me so happy. Thank you James for bringing the joys of Huell Howser to all of us non-Californians who were unfamiliar with him and his gold. And this studio pic perfectly captures what I imagine all of Adomian's studio performances are like:
  22. Lena's regrets were so adorable! I'm sure we can all agree that at least one of our life regrets involves waterskiing.
  23. Julia

    Episode 5 β€” Analyze Fish

  24. This podcast has taught me so much about all the big drugs!
  25. The thought of Besser gleefully waking up to check his Twitter feed the morning after tweeting some divisive comments delights me to no end.