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  1. This is turning into Scare Tactics, Andy! Except the "prize" on that show just seems to be "congrats, it's a joke, you're not going to get murdered!"
  2. Julia

    Episode 11 — Poop Potato Salad

    Potato salad on the ground definitely has poop in it. P.S. "When I first seen the Dura Tent I have to admit, I had mixed emotions..." I don't know why I find this so funny, but there are people who post Shark Tank fan lit out there, guys.
  3. Julia

    Episode 11 — Poop Potato Salad

    I wonder what this podcast sounds like on a Kindle Fire.
  4. Julia

    Episode 10 — Motorboatin'

    Looks like I left my home state of New Jersey at the right time. Without Snooki, The Situation, and friends, what is left for me there?!
  5. Julia

    Episode 127.5 — Sklarbro County 32

    Another year over. Another year where I didn't lick someone's tattoo. So things are going well!
  6. Who's going to marathon re-listen to all 10 of the episodes covered in the Best Of's PLUS the b-b-b-bonus-s-s-s clip episodes? That might be a good NYE resolution!
  7. The character episode is always one of my favorites! This is a great Christmas gift!
  8. LOVE this episode! Andy's the best!
  9. Julia

    Episode 9 — Sam!

    Guys, we have soooo many death-related filing cabinets here at Earwolf HQ! It's rather unsettling!
  10. Julia

    Episode 108 — Jersey Brawls

    So much Jersey talk in this episode! I love it!
  11. Sorry, Jacob! iTunes site manager is closed for maintenance during the holidays, which means if the iTunes feed doesn't refresh automatically, we can't get in there to fix it until the site's back up again. You can stream all of our shows here and on the app, though!
  12. Julia

    Episode 192 — Best of 2012 Pt 1

    Paul's the perfect guest for the Best Of! He's heard and/or been on every episode. Plus, I appreciate someone who is just as excited at the prospect of yelling B-B-B-BONUS as I am while listening!
  13. Jake posts all of the show's clips at YouTube.com/TheFogelnestFiles. Here's the playlist from today's episode! P.S. This was the third time this week I heard someone bring up . It's a goddamn nightmare.
  14. Julia

    Episode 2 — The Jack Special

    TIME chose the wrong 'Person of the Year!' I vote TJ!
  15. So Matt Besser and his fellow humans can literally make any topic hilarious, right? Because that's what I've learned from this podcast! P.S. Can't wait to read your gun tweets in eight weeks, bros!
  16. Julia

    Episode 51.5 — Minisode 51.5

    SO HAPPY that Paul shouted out my favorite holiday film of all time... MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL!
  17. Julia

    Episode 125.5 — Sklarbro County 30

    That is the saddest heckle ever!
  18. Julia

    Episode 8 — You're A Moron

    I can't believe Erin and Hayes would question Sean's wakeboarding. Like, chilled out bros don't need to wear wakeboarding on their sleeves... or life vests... they just do it because when they get up every morning they can think of nothing else but their board and those sweet, sweet wakes.
  19. Yes! I am going to put Bjork's rendition of 'Silent Night' on repeat when visiting family this holiday season!
  20. So many good impressions in this episode! And I love that Katt Williams was used as the inspiration for the entire thing. The Oakland cocaine/engaged couple bit was insane!
  21. Julia

    Episode 124.5 — Sklarbro County 29

    Another reason I love the casual format of County... that sideline fast food conversation with Wayne was hilarious! I learned so much about why I need to up my calorie intake, guys!
  22. This was my favorite Tanks But No Tanks yet!
  23. Julia

    Episode 106 — Alpaca Dinghy

    *Updated* Hey, guys! The contest is up and running. Click here for your chance to win a prize, including Howard's hair!
  24. Julia

    Episode 51 — Liz and Dick

    I cried laughing when Jason said: "The only thing that's fat is her weird, bloated face. Is that too far?! I don't know, guys! I don't understand what is happening here." That made it all worth sitting through this awful Lifetime movie. They can't all be winners like Rob Lowe's Untouchable, guys!
  25. Butt chugging is one of those trends that makes me miss my days in journalism. Those are the fun Woodward & Bernstein-esque stories every reporter dreams of cracking.