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  1. Julia

    Best of 2012: Who You Got?

    As the keeper of the poll, I'd just like to say, it's still a super close race! Anyone could take it before the voting ends on Dec. 10. Don't forget to vote!
  2. I'd do a Boston Market wedding, but not Denny's.
  3. This show was so much fun to see live! What a great lineup! All LA-area Fogelnest Files fans have to check it out! Tickets are already up for the December taping. I'll see you there!
  4. Julia

    Episode 17 - Young Dad

    This week Jeff is joined by fellow Earwolf podcaster, father, and one of the best freestyle rappers in the world β€” MC Nocando. He talks about what it’s like having three daughters and marrying his high school sweetheart all before the age of 30. Nocando describes how life as a young father helped him get serious, have something to fight for, and be the grizzled veteran to his friends who are now getting married and entering fatherhood.
  5. Colin, you'll enjoy any show! They're all so great! If you want to see Matt perform live, you should check ASSSSCAT. A lot of shows sell out in advance, so I would recommend reserving your tickets. Feel free to message me through the site if you need help choosing some shows. I'm there all the time, and love telling people about the ones I've been to! Have a safe trip!
  6. These Best Of episodes are fantastic! It's great hearing my favorites make the list (for this one, Edgar Allen Poe's ghost was certainly up there), but it's awesome being reminded of some of the bits I somehow forgot about. I'll definitely be doing a Best Of Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 listening marathon!
  7. Julia

    Episode 6 β€” Beef

    Heck, yeah! First thing that comes to mind are Sweet Home Alabama lyrics: "Well, I heard Mr. Young sing about her Well, I heard ol' Neil put her down Well, I hope Neil Young will remember A Southern man don't need him around anyhow."
  8. Julia

    Episode 6 β€” Beef

    I feel like they do! Elton John and Madonna. Neil Young and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Toby Keith and the Dixie Chicks. There are so many stories of diva beefs, not to mention that a lot of rock bands seem to have them with their own members.
  9. Julia

    Episode 5 β€” Prediction Time

    Waiting for the show pics of Sean and Hayes next week to feature both the podcast hats AND the Tanks tanks.
  10. Julia

    Episode 4 β€” Superfast 4G

    First it was Tanks But No Tanks, then You Just Got Kicked Off The Show, and an epic K-Ci & JoJo battle round... now a conversation about rampant product placement?! Plus, you guys were actually wearing hats?! (I didn't check the pics until after listening.) Umm... if this show were The Ultimate Fighter, it would be the most ultimate... ok, I clearly don't understand how that reality show goes. Anyway, the reality SHOW show is awesome!
  11. He totally comes from the Costanza school of thought...
  12. That's the beauty of County! It's super casual and changes formats. I would have been bummed if they hadn't pursued the fact that apparently Cash has found his way into every major sporting event of the past decade! I listen to Cashing In, and I never suspected that behind the straight man to TJ's antics that there was a mastermind like Cash willing to let his wife get caught in order to enjoy a game that he crept into. Cash, where were you when I was standing in a Philly parking lot outside of the 2008 World Series?! This episode was epic!
  13. Yes! I'm so excited that Dave Attell has finally come to the calming shores! My family and I are huge fans. Who ever said a "dick joke, midget kind-of-guy" can't bring loved ones, of all generations, together?!
  14. Here's 80+ minutes of what the fuck's wrong with you.
  15. Julia

    Episode 4 β€” Mount Rapmore

    Nocando referenced Juicy, and a few minutes later my cell phone rang. The ring tone is, you guessed it... Juicy! It's a fucking sign, you guys!
  16. I gotta go with Wengert doing Edgar Allen Poe's ghost in Ep. 51. The whole bit about opening and shutting doors to show his feedback was hilarious!
  17. Yo, what up race cars! Grantland writer Jay Caspian Kang joins Andrew today to figure out what exactly Asian voice is. Call 323 389 RACE to ask a question about anything regarding race and accents.
  18. Agreed! And I'm loving all of the segments. You can tell Sean and Hayes are sincerely into these shows, which makes it real. Maybe the nameless Amazing Race host could take a page from their hosting books!
  19. Julia

    Episode 49 β€” Cobra: LIVE!

    This episode, and this forum thread, makes me want to know more about Jason's childhood!
  20. Julia

    Earwolf Hoodies

    Yes, hoodies are back! Get 'em while they're hot... or while it's cold out... I don't know. Anyway, enjoy!
  21. That one's my favorite!
  22. Cool idea! We'll see what we can do. Thanks for the suggestion!
  23. Julia

    Episode 119 β€” Denying the Magic

    That listener email was fantastic! I only had one handler when I was a college mascot, and was sometimes alone. Those blind spots were deadly!
  24. Happy 100! This anniversary show is fantastic. Can't wait for the next 100!
  25. Hi, guys! We're experiencing some weird caching issues, which is loading two versions of our homepage. This may or may not have something to do with delays due to the storm. We're working to resolve the issue. Hope you all are enjoying the first episode -- Drop That Little Bug!