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  1. In addition to cops needing to use more nets to apprehend criminals, I think we can all agree that painting fake tunnels on rock walls is a good way to end a high-speed car chase.
  2. Julia

    Episode 118 — Horse Burlesque

    Sean, you had me at Coldplay!
  3. Julia

    Episode 1 — Fanute The Coupe

    And I'm hoping for some Dragon Boy Suede!
  4. Two hilarious scenes?! This was a great bonus cut! All of Zach's responses in the reverse bullying scene were gold.
  5. Julia

    Partners tonight - Central time zone

    Partners won't be on tonight due to the presidential debate. It'll be back next Monday! I CAN'T WAIT to see the Sklars on it!
  6. Julia

    Episode 117 — Double Cuff

    David's Arkin impersonation is soooo good! I would die happy if he started calling the show as Alan Arkin talking about mushrooms!
  7. Few things scare me, but squirrels who are overly comfortable around humans freak me the hell out!
  8. I need to find a way to use that "my family's at home right now, shutting the fuck up" line in my life.
  9. I would listen to Jake and Eli talking over entire Billy Joel albums.
  10. FYI - We've got a 30-second one on the app. I'll let our web team know about your feedback. Thanks for listening!
  11. Julia

    Facebook Covers

    We love these, Kristi! You'll see them up on the Facebook fan page soon. Thanks so much for making these!
  12. Two Charted is like Howard's modern day notebook, and we are its weekly readers!
  13. Julia

    Episode 141 — Personality Kingpin!

    I think this was the best "Garden State" response yet!
  14. It was kind of nice visiting the old Sklarbro Country format. It made me nostalgic for the early days of the calming shores!
  15. Julia

    Episode 15 — Gelmania XV

    He'll be back soon!
  16. According to Know Your Meme, the phrase "rustled my jimmies," which Eric used in this episode, is an Internet meme that has been used on online discussion forums, most notably 4chan. I'm not very prolific in Internet forums (other than Earwolf!), but my past experience as a newspaper reporter has provided me with the patience and tools (Google! Bing.com!) to research inane Internet references that I missed out on. Also, I have to Google approx. 75% of what Eric says, both on the show, and in life. Fun behind-the-scenes fact for Eric's fanbase: Eric's favorite website is Reddit. And maybe Pizza Hut Delivery Tracker.
  17. Julia

    Mac and Me

    James, you're in luck! They already did it! Episode 10 of HDTGM with guest Adam Pally. It's a classic. Enjoy!
  18. As someone who used to work at a hospital, I can substantiate that there are, indeed, way more "strange object in ass" stories than you would think actually happen in real life. Plus, people are willing to yell their embarrassing excuses across a crowded ER if they think it will cut down on their wait time. Also, Matt's observation that the drunk tailgater actually felt sorry for Eric the Unpaid Intern was hilarious!
  19. That's what I thought too! The Green Mile is the only thing I remember him from. I haven't seen Frequency, but since it's been described as a "solid flick," maybe I'll have to hit the local Blockbuster Video.
  20. Julia

    Favorite Eps =]

    These questions are always so tough! I want to start listing everything! I love the character segments. I feel like the Sklars could do a Best Of episode of just crazy voicemails at this point!
  21. Julia

    Episode 97 — Funchbob Coolpants

    Kulap's 30 Days of Rocktober is the cutest thing ever on Instragram! (Sorry, people with baby photos!)
  22. Earwolf uses logos as 1400x1400 and 300x300 for our purposes, but in terms of just submitting your logo for initial consideration, any size will do. Thanks!
  23. Is shoving a meat sandwich in someone's face the remix to the about passionately intense relationships? Because I'd like to think it is. P.S. I would support having guests on who love the Phillies every week!
  24. As Paul mentioned in today's episode, the gang's looking for a new logo! Please post your submissions in the appropriate forum. We can't wait to see them!