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  1. We're super excited to welcome Kevin Pollak's Chat Show to Earwolf!


    Here's the low down... new episodes will drop every other Thursday. Tomorrow's episode will feature Mark Duplass and a Jon Favreau episode drops March 28.


    Click here to check out the 160+ episode archive of the show. Guests include folks like Jon Hamm and Paul Rudd -- plus tons of familiar Earwolf folks like Scott Aukerman and the Sklar Brothers.


    You can also click here for an episode of highlights, featuring some of the most memorable guests and moments from Kevin Pollak's Chat Show. It's a great way for fans to watch their favorite segments, and new listeners to be introduced to the show.


    Be sure to comment and let us know which are your favorite episodes!

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  2. Hey guys. Just checking in from Sean's room at the hospital. He realized that Jason Bateman actually was in Couples Retreat after he corrected me on it and tried to commit ritual hara-kiri with a baseball bat. The bat actually did get partially into his stomach but right now it seems like he's out of the woods. Thanks for your concern everyone!


    I blame Bateman for this. He should have been more memorable in Couples Retreat instead of letting Faizon Love get all the attention!

  3. Β 

    Check out Kulap’s awesome dance moves from the latest live Who Charted recording.


    Then, post your own Newborn Baby Colt dance video to YouTube, and post the link on the Who Charted Facebook page or email them to WhoCharted (at) Earwolf (dot) com, and Wie & Ku will play their favorites on the next live streaming Who Charted on March 7th!


    (You can get this song and more on the new Dragon Boy Suede album β€œDouche Minutiae.”)

  4. Jeff, any updates on that first VPN video from Sundance (with Tom Lennon)? It's been down for a month now.

    Unfortunately, our Sundance episodes had some sound quality issues. They're being worked on, but as of right now, we're unsure if they'll ever be released.


    You can still catch new Earwolf live stream shows every Thursday at 9pm EST/6pm PST on our YouTube channel!

  5. Unfortunately we don't have someone on the tech team for app upkeep at this time. For streaming on your phone, you might want to try reloading the app, or using another podcast streaming app. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  6. Hey, guys! Since Bill's story in this episode was so much fun, there might be more "Your Best Story" segments in the future!


    You can email YOUR story by sending a 2-3 minute audio file to Improv4Humans (at) Earwolf (dot) com


    A few might even be asked to be call in guests on future live stream episodes! Can't wait to hear them!