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    Episode 118 — Hologram Toes

    I know it does do semi-serious interviews a lot of the time, but I don't really know why you'd come to Comedy Bang Bang expecting in-depth interviews with comedians, there's plenty of other podcasts that serve that function and have had more serious interviews with Patton. Also from reading the description beforehand, it kind of gave away that it'd be a kind of sequel to the Andy Daly and Patton episode.
  2. B Naylor

    Episode 6.3 — Sketches: Day 3

    @Dirk I doubt anyone at earwolf is going to be worried about losing you as a listener if you make lame threats and unfounded accusations.
  3. B Naylor

    Episode 6.3 — Sketches: Day 3

    I can see why people think it may seem unfair that people are being asked to produce things they wouldn't normally do, but I think there's a flaw in people's expectations. - You're never going to find an entirely scientific method that determines which is the best podcast, but this contest isn't just abou that. Surely part of the fun of the challenge is being asked to do thing outside your comfort zone, and what was interesting was how well some of the chat podcasts took on the challenge of writing a sketch, and some of them to their credit did very well considering it's not what they do. - I agreed with the judges decision again this week. The fort had a good idea but they went in a bad direction with it, and that's going to be a serious problem if they are doing a sketch every week.
  4. B Naylor

    Episode 36 — How Did This Get Made?

    Uhhh weirdly angry comments thread what the hell happened? - Anyway another good episode, this show has been on fire lately and turned into one of my favorite podcasts.
  5. Agreed with the decisions this week, I've not been the biggest fan of Television Zombies and a Sci-FI discussion podcast just doesn't quite feel right for Earwolf somehow. I don't expect the judges to listen to all of the podcast's beforehand, but I do think it would have been better if Matt had just briefly summarized the podcasts to the judges beforehand, He usually ends up having to do that after the clips anyway, so it wouldn't add actually be decreasing the length of the podcast and wouldn't be taking up as much of the judges time. - I understand why from a judging perspective it seems a good idea not to give judges any prep, but as a listener it isn't very interesting to listen to judges say "so wait, what was that?" and then hearing Matt having to explain it to them again. It's fine the first couple of weeks because I still haven't memorized everything myself, but by this point you just wish the judges would already be up to speed. - But as I say I also understand the advantage of not giving the judges any expectations, so maybe the way you do it is better, I don't know.
  6. B Naylor

    Episode 16 — The Smurfs

    Was glad to hear about Paul Scheer talk about taking a notepad into the theatre, I've sometimes done the same when I've gone to see a movie on my own.
  7. Those are all fair points Matt, as I said I worried a post I'd made yesterday had implied you were biased against Brett, which I wanted to retract in case you'd read it and come away with that impression.
  8. B Naylor

    Episode 35 — Let\'s Get Outta Here

    Ha, my brother married without dating since he'd been friends and roommates with her for a while, so yes it seems it's not that unusual.
  9. I thought that all worked fair out enough. I may have been unfair yesterday as a post I made might of have implied Matt Besser had already developed a bias against Brett, but I think the decision was fair and he was given a good send-off. I do think the parameters for this round were a little too loosely defined and it seems like it wasn't thought out as much as it could have been before the recording, but ultimately it felt like the clips where being judged on their quality rather than it just being a semantic decision. I understand why it's hard for some of the podcasts to come out with good two minute clips, but then that is the challenge; to come out with a good two minute clip. Otherwise, you might as well just get a few judges together to listen to them all and vote on their favorite. So the defense that it was hard to edit together a good clip misses the point, because it's supposed to be a tough challenge.
  10. B Naylor

    Episode 35 — Let\'s Get Outta Here

    I'm very disappointed to learn that Scott and Kulap didn't first meet during the taint sketch.
  11. A question for anyone involved in the challenge, how far in advance are you getting the calls before they drop publicly, and how long do you have to work on and submit your clips after you get the call from Matt?
  12. Feel kind of sorry for Brett here. I'm not sure what else the sketch shows can do. It was a bit of a weak parody, but it seems like he's drawn the short straw again this week (although we'll see tomorrow I guess). A shame because he's one of the more interesting podcast's here, and he has a huge amount of potential, but it doesn't seem like Matt Besser is particularly fond of it, so it's hard to see him having any chance of winning this.
  13. B Naylor

    Episode 10 — Self-Defense

    Good episode. I do wonder how long this can go on without certain bits getting too repetitious but it hasn't happened yet.
  14. B Naylor

    Episode 116 — When I Go To Queens...

    Marissa Wompler is a great character and I love how creepy Scott becomes around her. Both paternal and lustful towards her, "cocksucking lips" And that insane line about his dog spreading peanut butter over himself so Scott will give him a massage. Great to go back to a sillier, character episode.
  15. I didn't get that sense from Jesse, he seemed polite enough to me. Got to say how weird this must be a contestant. Maybe they've talked to some of these people, but imagine being a fan of Besser, Tompkins, and Jesse, then getting a call from them to tell you what's wrong with your podcast. To be fair to Brett, I do think the criticism of his bit, seemed a little more personal than the other contestants, but then I guess it would be since he's doing a solo podcast. Also as much the ability to take notes is important, I do think it's important that anyone in a creative position is able to stick by their convictions about a piece even when others are telling you something isn't a good idea. On this occasion though he probably did need to be a little more humble and gracious in the face of criticism.
  16. B Naylor

    Episode 115 — The Plug-In Drug

    I was very tentative over the freestyle rap segment, it's a very old improv game and I wasn't sure it would fit the show, but it seemed to work in this format. Don't know if it's something you should go back to too often though.
  17. B Naylor

    Episode 111 — Hi, How Are You?

    Scott was incorrect when he said The American people voted for Foam corner. I'm a listener from London, I voted for foam corner as well. Although my ideal solution was always for him to have Jack the lumberyard owner to do foam corner. And dammit, I meant to write "you" on the end of my previous post, and now I can't edit it.
  18. B Naylor

    Episode 111 — Hi, How Are You?

    What a treat to wake up to this, it's like getting a surprise present from someone just because they love.
  19. B Naylor

    Episode 110 - Thumbs Yes!

    I'd be happy to see "No but..." become a regular feature.
  20. B Naylor

    Episode 7 — Deja Vu

    Wait, didn't we already have a deja vu episode?
  21. B Naylor

    Episode 7 — Deja Vu

    Wait, didn't we already have a deja vu episode?
  22. B Naylor

    Episode 107 — Maybe It's Maybelline

    Plane breaks should be a compulsory segment. Joint best section along with plugs
  23. B Naylor

    Episode 106.5 — It\'s A Fucking Podcast: Pt. 2

    Well I've got it on itunes, so it's not a problem for me. But the download link still doesn't seem to be working even if the streaming version is. I loved Scott questioning Paul on his contradiction over cakewolf/raccoon story causing Andy to try and find a reason to justify it. Another improviser would have just ignored this and gone with it, but Scott has to question these things and it keeps people on their toes. I can never tell in these instances whether or not Scott knows what he's doing. He's either a genius that knows exactly when to break the rules or he's or it's all just an accident.
  24. B Naylor

    Episode 106.5 — It\'s A Fucking Podcast: Pt. 2

    This download for this isn't working at the moment, but I assume it's an issue you're working on. Unless being in the UK has something to do with it as nobody else seems to have had a problem yet.