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  1. Joshie

    POLL: Is Devin a Racist?

    I didn't post anything harsher than the things people said during the Andrew Ti-Matt Besser beef, or the people taking Cameron Esposito's side against the HDTGM episode discussion, and those folks didn't get deleted for it. What crosses the boundary into making it an attack, versus just an acceptable criticism, so I know in the future?
  2. Joshie

    EPISODE 125 - Steel: LIVE!

    lol @ LA ppl getting crucial about how bad Kobe is. Well, to be fair, I'm sure he's at least as good an actor as he is at hoop now...
  3. p.c. hairbuns need to take a long walk off a short pier!
  4. Adam Saul Pally? Are you kidding me, no nickname? Get this guy tattooed around your 'cep: BAM you're the A.S.P. Look out, the A.S.P. will bite. Always shake out your pants, you don't want to unexpectedly come across the A.S.P! (and so on)
  5. Joshie

    EPISODE 687 - Adoption

    how can something be not racist to think and be racist to say that makes zero sense
  6. Joshie

    EPISODE 666 - Term African American

    Way to cast aspersions on Twilight from a place of total ignorance. Only Carlisle Cullen was even alive during American slavery times, and he was in England, not coming to America until the Spanish Influenza outbreaks. Esme was born in 1895 Ohio, Emmett in 1915, and Alice and Edward were born in 1901 and turned in 1917 or 1918. Literally none of them were in the American South at the right time that white vampires would have owned slaves so you're just manufacturing a criticism that doesn't apply
  7. hi lauren i love you and your show and your movie, here is what i think it would be like, if you rode a triceratops pony
  8. In the meantime he did a monologue on Richard Nixon if you really need some content - http://www.10usp.com/episode1-nixon/
  9. Joshie

    EPISODE 348 — Is Y'all My Daddy?

    lol I hope you're trolling. This is a butch presenting lesbian: This is a conventionally cute slightly alt or scene lady:
  10. Joshie

    EPISODE 348 — Is Y'all My Daddy?

    is the side mullet for reals or in-character
  11. Ted Cruz and his father never made the claim about atheists in camps: http://www.snopes.com/media/notnews/cruzcamp.asp
  12. Joshie

    EPISODE 598 - Success of Run the Jewels

    Yep. No offense to El-P, who is a good producer, but Killer Mike was on Outkast singles and El-P wasn't even really keeping his flow on beat before RTJ. He has some good verses when he really tries like on "Crown" but no one thinks his lines about retarded shitwizards or w/e compare to the fire KM spits
  13. Joshie

    EPISODE 598 - Success of Run the Jewels

    That sounded like the NPR year-end roundup discussion on the one hip hop album they threw in
  14. Joshie

    EPISODE 596 - Yo, What is Racist?

    Racism is the social perception that innate, heritable traits determining behaviors, culture, and predispositions of populations of human beings exist, and that certain populations sharing those traits are inferior to others.